Smartphones Camera Sensor were rapidly increasing and the Samsung and Sony Have already launched the 48MP Sensor Known as the Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 and Sony IMX686 Respectively.

Not to mention, There Were used by industry-leading OEM Such as Samsung, Huawei, Google and Apple to be a Custom Sensor. Whereas, The Xiaomi, Oneplus, Oppo and honor were one of the first smartphone to be adopted Quad Bayer Sensor.

However, Samsung already launched their highest camera Count Sensor 108MP Samsung’s ISOCELL Bright GW1 Sensor used by Xiaomi Mi Note 10. Meanwhile, Sony Launched their Latest and Highest Camera Count 64MP Sony IMX686 sensor back in December. 

OmniVision 48MP OV48C

There Were the first to bring the highest sensor apart from them, the OmniVision Launched there First 48MP Latest and highest camera Count for Top-Notch High-End Smartphones the OmniVision OV48C.

This Sensor Comes With a 1.2-Micron pixel size and it is 1/1.3-Inch Sensor Size Comparing With Sony IMX586 1/1.3″ and Samsung GW1 1/2″ and Nokia 800 Pureview 1/1.2″ Image Sensor. Not to mention, OmniVision Highest Resolution Sensor for a better Low-Light Flagship Sensor.

This is the industry First to offering an on-Chip dual Conversion HDR Support alongside an “Eliminates motion artefacts and featuring a Signal-to-noise Ratio (SNR/ (S/N))”. Moreover, The Device to deliver a 4-Cell Color Filter array (BCFA-Buried Color Filter) and Hardware mosaic. Even it can record an 8K Video Recoding in Realtime.

OmniVision 48MP OV48C

Furthermore, With the Helo of Near-Pixel binning provides a 12MP Images for 4K2K Video With 4x Sensitivity With 2.4 Micron-equivalent performance. Not to Mention, It Comes With the Best Quality.

Images Without Motion Blur. Likely, The Device enables a Digital zoom to consider as Lossless Zoom alongside a Fast mode Switch. It also Features a CPHY interface With fast autofocus, OV48C on 4C Hald Chief phase detection.

In terms of Video Recoding, it can record a Video at 60fps (ZSL) and 4K2K Video at 60fps With an EIS. Similarly, a 1080 pixel slow-Motion at 240fps. Additionally, 70p at 360fps and a 1080 pixel at 960fps and 1080 at 480fps as well.

OmniVision 48MP OV48C

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