Nubia CEO Ni Fei has officially announced the Nubia’s new brand logo and image. Nubia’s previous logo had a hard-to-decipher logo which ended with an “a” that look like an “o”, but now the new logo is simple and easy to read with more recognizable.

“New image, new starting point, new ecology… Nubia brand upgrade, a new look, new LOGO and brand vision officially launched! Generation Z has arrived, nubia brand ecology will add layout of intelligent hardware field, to create a younger, more stylish, personalized intelligent lifestyle.”


By the promotional videos, if we compared with the previous logo design. The new logo is more inclined to the younger design, this logo is more flat and simple. Nubia CEO Ni Fei is said that the Nubia brand will add a new layout in the field of smart hardware to create a good lifestyle. Nubia’s previous logo was a purely graphic design form, the overall roundness was very simple. The new logo has a new font design which is more stylish. This new logo is more concise and more modern and at the same time sharper and recognizable too.

With this logo refresh, Nubia became the second smartphone brand to have a logo refinement within a month. Note: OnePlus is already refreshing its logo in the third week of March .

There is a hint that the company is planning like smart lifestyle products and the main targeted as Gen-Z in the future.

According to the reports, we could expect from the company. They would manufacture the fitness bands , smart watches , TWS earbuds or bags from the company . Whereas poco is also working on its own TWS earbuds .

We are expecting from the naubia will announcing more details or teasers about its smart gadgets in the coming week.

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