Last month, Nothing released their first beta for NothingOS 1.5, based on Android 13. The company has begun the second beta to fix known bugs and improve performance. This update was released four days ahead of schedule. Android 13 has been available for six months, but Nothing Phone 1 has yet to receive the update.

NothingOS 1.5.1 Open Beta 2, based on Android 13, is now available for download as an OTA update for the Nothing Phone (1)

The company first announced the beta in November and made it available in December. The first beta had significant UI enhancements in areas like volume controls, quick settings toggles, and a brand-new weather app. This update also includes more stability and bug fixes.

Nothing promised its users to release three Android versions and four-year (bimonthly) security patches for the Phone (1). This new update comes with the following:

NothingOS 1.5.1 Open Beta 2, based on Android 13, is now available for download as an OTA update for the Nothing Phone (1)
  • An updated minimalist wallpaper
  • Customizable lock screen shortcut button
  • Introducing a handcrafted glyph ringtone and notification soundtrack of a slightly different style
  • Improved Quick Settings Panel for Networking allows users to switch data usage using dual SIMs quickly.
  • Smooth animation when turning on or off the screen
  • Enhanced Auto Brightness Algorithm
  • Improved Camera App UI and Animation
  • improved battery life
  • improved system stability
  • Fixed bugs and the Nothing X app is now built into the OS, which means the pop-up view is back with some interaction improvements.

This update weighs 128 MB and is available to all beta users. They can download it via Settings > Software Update. Users will also receive a notification when their device is ready to receive the OTA update. Nothing pushes its updates in a staged rollout, which means they are randomly forced to a limited number of users and slowly rolled out to others. This usually takes a few days after the company ensures there are no critical bugs.

How to Install: You can upgrade to NothingOS 1.5.1 Open Beta 2.

This is sideloading and allows you to install Android 13 even though you have not joined the beta program (Also because the Memership cost $300). Like other betas, many users might not have access to it simultaneously, even if they have signed up for the program.


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EEA and Global update is merged from now on, you can use this on both

  • First, you need to download your device’s NothingOS 1.5.1 Open Beta 2 package. Ensure that you store the package in your device’s internal storage. • Now, open your device’s dialer and type ##682##
  • After that, it will unlock a tool to sideload the OTA update on your device. From there, you have to browse to the folder where you have saved your OTA package.
  • Next, tap “Proceed,” and it will start downloading the latest update on your device.
  • Once it finishes installing, it will ask you to restart your device. This is a regular reboot due to the newly installed Android version installing and optimizing existing apps.
  • After it reboots, you are ready to use the latest OS offering from Nothing.

Alternative: You can also use Quick Shortcut Maker and Activity Launcher to sideload the OTA package.

Note: Because this beta may contain bugs and may not be suitable for general users, we recommend not installing it on your primary device. Proceed at your own risk.

Before proceeding with the update, ensure your device has a battery level above 50% and make a backup of your device, so you don’t lose anything, just in case. However, this update will not wipe your device’s apps and storage. The next update for NothingOS 1.5.1, based on Android 13, is expected to be released in February.