Apple’s iPhone has a Notch, and it bundles Face ID and a Selfie Shooter featuring an in-depth camera for an amazing camera experience. Some powerful jailbreaks can tweak the iOS 14 with modified features. Without further ado, let’s take a look. the best iOS 14 jailbreak add-ons.

The Best iOS 14 Jailbreak Add-Ons for the iPhone Notch

Notchification ($2.00)

This is among the best jailbreak add-ons because it receives notification device light-up. It has a delightful animation surrounding the notification light on the notch. Not to mention, it seems great on an OLED-equipped display.


It hides the notch by shifting the details of notifications below the notch UI. It also smooths the sharp edges of the notch by making it rounded concerning the user interface.

NotchBanners ($1.99)

It makes the notch wider, the same as the notch on your device. This looks more natural as it fits into the iOS Mobile Platform.


Keyboard User experience has to be dealt with by filling the space under the space bar. KBPro offers users the chance to improve their power usage with text editing shortcuts.


YouTube fills the video on every device with a notch to fix how YouTube zooms. UniZoom is quite straight and it’s completely free of jailbreak tweaks. This feature comes into effect to hide the notch during YouTube video playback.


iOS 14 doesn’t have the numeric battery percentage indicator in the status bar, where you can use the EnableBatteryPercent jailbreak to toggle it.

CamControls X

To enhance the camera app functionality, this comes in handy by adding a shutter button on the bottom of the device.

BoardBanner 13

The iPhone has the notification banner from the right corner, and BoardBanner 13 redesigned the notification that helps fill the space of the Notch.

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