Netflix is an American premium video streaming platform where you can watch many entertainment videos in various categories. In addition, Netflix has a Wide Category, but sometimes it poses a problem for their users. Certainly, when a Netflix user wants to see particular content, he takes time to search for it.

Keeping this in mind, Netflix realized and introduced a long lineup of secret codes. So that they can easily navigate to their favorite content. Even Netflix has already announced such principles, but some users are still unaware of them. So, here we will discuss a few Netflix secret codes along with their usage.

List of Netflix Secret Codes – What are these and How to Use them?

Well, Netflix always tries to improve the user experience on their platform, as we have already seen that Netflix has partnered with several co-partners. Similar to Netflix Secret Codes, Netflix Secret Codes are a service that enables users to search for their desired content using a unique code assigned to it.

In addition to the codes already announced, some new ones will be added to the top of the list. Furthermore, we believe it is necessary to update you, as a prominent reader, with these codes. So, without further delay, let’s look at some Netflix Secret codes and learn more about them.

Action & Adventure (1365)Anime (7424)Independent Movies (7077)Music (1701)Faith & Spirituality (26835)Dramas (5763)
Asian Action Movies – 77232Anime Animation11881Experimental Movies – 11079Kids Music – 52843Faith & Spirituality Movies – 52804Biographical Dramas – 3179
Classic Action & Adventure – 46576Anime Action – 2653Independent Action & Adventure – 11804Country & Western/Folk – 1105Spiritual Documentaries – 2760Classic Dramas – 29809
Action Comedies – 43040Anime Comedies – 9302Independent Thrillers – 3269Jazzy & Easy listening – 10271Kids Faith & Spiritualities – 751423Courtroom Dramas – 528582748
Action Thrillers – 43048Anime Dramas – 452Romantic Independent Movies – 9916Latin Music – 10741Crime Dramas – 6889
Adventures – 7442Anime Features – 3063Independent Comedies – 4195Urban & Dance Concerts – 9472Dramas based on books – 4961
Comic Book and Superhero Movies – 10118Anime Sci-Fi – 2729Independent Dramas – 384World Music Concerts – 2856Dramas based in real life – 3653
Westerns – 7700Anime Horror – 10695Rock & Pop Concerts – 3278Tearjerkers – 6384
Spy Actions & Adventure – 10702Anime Fantasy – 11146Musicals (13335)Foreign Dramas – 2150
Crime Actions & Adventure – 9584Anime Series – 6721Classical Musicals – 32392Sports Dramas – 7243
Foreign Actions & Adventure – 11828Disney Musicals – 59433
Martial Arts Movies – 8985Showbiz Musicals – 13573
Military Actions & Adventure – 2125Stage Musicals – 55774

Moreover, These are the Netflix secret codes that help you to search for your particular program directly. However, after reading this, you are all craving how to search for your favorite content on Netflix using these codes. So, Open Netflix App >> Type the unique code assigned to each range in the search bar. Following this, You can directly watch your favorite content.

As of now, these are the updated Netflix secret codes that we found while using. Some regulations need to unveil soon. So, Till that, use the above principles, and whenever they reveal, we will update you. But, presently, if any user has queries with the given regulations, then feel free to ask them below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How do you unlock the secret menu on Netflix?

Ans. On Netflix Homescreen, Click on browse all >> Insert your favorite content code, and That’s it.

Q2. How do you unlock a profile on Netflix?

Ans. Use the Forgot PIN option to unlock your Netflix profile. 

Q3. Why can’t I see all movies on Netflix?

Ans. Because Some titles release in different phases for different countries. 

Q4. Which country has free Netflix?

Ans. Kenya is the only country that has a free Netflix Subscription.