Naraka: Bladepoint’s closed beta has now been officially confirmed.Developers confirmed the development of a mobile version of Naraka: Bladepoint during a NetEase Connect Livestream.The developers want to deliver the same gaming experience as the PC players. Initially, the game was released in China, but later got a global launch in August 2021.

Moreover, the official date for the closed beta test is yet to be revealed. because developers have now confirmed they will develop a smooth mobile version. So, here we will let you know about Naraka: Bladepoint Updates and future expectations.

NetEase Games has confirmed that a mobile version of Naraka: Bladepoint will be released soon.

NetEase, the developers of the popular adventure game ‘Naraka: Bladepoint’, have gained massive popularity. In this game, there are a maximum of 60 players fighting it out to become the last man standing. The PC version of Naraka: Bladepoint is becoming increasingly popular due to its deadly combat style, captivating martial arts fighting moves, and other skills.

Likewise, the upcoming mobile version of Naraka: Bladepoint is coming to both Android and iOS. Also, it features all the same gaming experiences as the PC one. Along with announcing the launch of the Naraka: Bladepoint mobile version, Ray Kuan, Lead Producer of NetEase Connect Livestream, said that the development team is currently working to develop a mobile version of the same as the PC version.

According to Ray Kuan, the development team will soon host the first phase of closed beta tests to test their project’s effectiveness. Collectively, the coming Naraka: Bladepoint mobile version will be a spike for NetEase. Because the officials claim the same will get the features of the existing Naraka: Bladepoint and, luckily, some additional ones.

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed date for the Naraka: Bladepoint mobile version closed beta test as of yet. So, we recommend you get in touch with the official handles of Naraka: Bladepoint. As it helps you to get notified whenever Naraka: Bladepoint proceeds to do its first closed beta.