Finally, the upcoming update from Pubg mobile and the dev team will bring up a new weapon to the game. The new weapon added is Mosin Nagant. It is something same as the earlier legendary sniper rifle Kar98K. But we believe that the Mosin Nagant is more powerful than Kar98K.

In many of the Asian countries, people also call it K44 as it took birth from Russia. In real life, this SR gun uses 7.62x54mmR ammo. Therefore, Mosin Nagan will use 7.62 ammo when it comes to PUBG Mobile which is same as the legendary SR gun Kar98K. Kar98k is one of the legendary guns but still. It is less powerful than Mosin Nagant as quoted by the devs team.


is one of the legendary weapons in PUBG Mobile. As many players recommend this sniper rifle because of its decent design and dominant power. Kar98K is one of the popular weapons but, the dev team is adding a new sniper rifle gun called Mosin Nagant. But, many players predicting that this new SR gun has greater ammo storage than the kar98k but it is not clarified yet so, it is very hard to compare these two weapons right now.

The appearance and use of kar98k are same because many players will be confused to choose any one of them. So, we believe that if it’s possible that the dev team will make some changes in some areas of this weapon to make it different from kar98k. We assure you that this weapon will be minimum something more than the kar98k.

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