Mojang announced their upcoming Xbox and Bethesda Game at Summer Game Fest, Minecraft Legends. Where they are scheduled to release the game in 2023. The strategy game Minecraft is one of the biggest games of all time. Therefore, Minecraft Dungeon is another spinoff game-like action RPG.

They are focusing on Single Player characters, which is expected to extend the Minecraft universe. With the concept, it seems they have been working on new fresh concepts with a new action strategy. We can expect Game Pass to add Minecraft Legends.

“It has strategy elements at its core, but the immersion of action games inspires its mechanics. You get to explore the familiar yet in-many-ways-new Overworld in a third-person perspective. You will defend peaceful settlements and fight hordes of piglins to stop the spread of their Nether corruption. You are the center of every battle you lead, fighting alongside your allies while giving them directions.”

Minecraft Legends will be available for free-to-play and will arrive on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. It is about strategic combat and follows block graphics, which is the original concept. Not to mention, It will feature both Cooperative and Competitive multiplayer modes.