Microsoft is the parent company of every technology company rolling out today. If you look in-depth, most of the programming other companies use is from Microsoft. In particular, Windows is their dominant software. Microsoft has many products, such as Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams. Recent changes show that Microsoft is working hard to improve the user experience, like redesigning OneDrive and Outlook.

Moving on to the next product, Microsoft has introduced a new animated background for Microsoft Teams. The animated backgrounds enhance the user experience and create a physical meeting environment. Microsoft added the first collection of still background images in 2020; now animated backgrounds are available. Let’s take a look at what they actually want to do.

Microsoft announces a new animated background for Teams.

Around six years ago, Microsoft introduced an online meeting platform called Microsoft Teams. In the initial phase, Teams took time to analyze user needs and determine what users wanted, but no other meeting app was fulfilled. Keeping this thought in mind, Microsoft developed itself and eventually became known for Microsoft 365 Integration and occasionally emojis.

This is not the point where Microsoft stopped working to enhance the user experience. In fact, they continuously work on user expectations so that even after a huge queue of additions, they devise other ways to optimize their service. They already have avatars, GIFs, and emoji support to entertain the user, but you should note that background plays an important role while meeting.

Developers say that most businesses have switched their meetings from physical form to cloud since the pandemic. The idea of having professional meetings at home seems disruptive and distracting. For this purpose, Microsoft has already added background image support to Teams. As a result of this study, it was found that animation enhances the interaction between participants and facilitates more interaction and focus.

There will be six categories of animated backgrounds that users can choose from. Developers emphasize different categories ranging from wood and light contemporary backgrounds; some are colorful clouds or mountain backgrounds. There are a few more categories, so let’s check out a quick overview.

Category I – Wood and Light

This animated background category seems more focused on many background images of wood. Compared to other backgrounds, these are light, emphasizing concept clarity and influencing the user to perceive the environment as more realistic. Your experience here will be similar to that of a physical meeting.

Category II – Escape Artist

The next category exists between an imaginary and real environment. In this category of animated backgrounds, developers are more concerned with creating a sense of wonder and a familiar environment for users to deal with their daily routines. There are a lot of animations for different forms, such as sand, flowers, and wind here.

Category III – Feeling Dreamy

This is the animator’s dream with a collection of dreamy animated backgrounds where developers emphasize sensual and immersive scenes. Here, feelings play an important role in defining a dreamy atmosphere for users. It is a category of animated backgrounds that offer self-expression in Microsoft Teams and enrich your meeting experience.

Category IV – Imagination at Play

You can access various adventurous animated backgrounds with unusual color combinations in this category. This type of animated background sparks conversation. These backgrounds will provide users with the perfect complement to unconventional calls. Meanwhile, these animated options seem amazing for people looking for adventure and leave a lasting impression.

Category V – Belongings

Various animated backgrounds have been shown with different themes, but this category considers user health, vision, hearing, learning, neurodiversity, and mobility. Here, developers are trying to leave the interpretation to awaken awareness throughout the meeting. Ultimately, it will help the user be attentive while attending boring meetings.

Category VI – Sustainability

The animated backgrounds in this collection are focused on the environment and dedicated to it. Using the background, we learn how to save the earth from harmful carbon and other related things. Besides that, they also strive to reduce waste and use water and other natural resources optimistically. At the end of the day, we strive to protect the planet and the ecosystem.

Besides that, if you want to know when these collections are available and what you need to do to apply them, you need to open Microsoft Teams >> click on Meet Now >> switch on the camera and select background filters >> choose your favorite animated background >> That’s it. As of now, these are the crucial details regarding Microsoft Teams’ animated backgrounds. If any user has any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I hope you have understood everything about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you get a moving background on Microsoft Teams?

Ans. You can get it from the filters section when you open the camera while meeting. For a better view, you can refer to the above article.

Q2. Can you add MP4 to Teams’ background?

Ans. Yes, when you add a background, click on add music and add any MP4 music to Teams.

Q3. How do I mirror my video background to my team?

Ans. To do that, go to the device settings panel >> scroll down to Mirror my video option >> enable Mirror my video toggle.

Q4. Do Teams support animated GIFs?

Ans. Microsoft Teams supports animated GIFs, Emojis, and Stickers to improve the communication experience.