Microsoft launched one of the most-awaited productivity tools, which was announced last year during the Ignite event. If you love productivity apps, you are going to love this app for sure. In 2021, Microsoft launched the Loop Component, which offers a collaborative space that works across Microsoft’s products and services. However, because of this, many people found it difficult to adopt. Now it’s officially available for direct access.

Microsoft teased their Microsoft Loop app, which is one of the most beautiful-looking Microsoft apps. The company has delivered the app they had previewed in their trailer and it’s quite similar. It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft Loop also has Microsoft’s 3D Fluent Images and beautiful images to use as cover images on pages.

It’s out in Public Preview. Today in this article we are going to share what’s new with Microsoft Loop and how you can use this app to boost your productivity. So without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into this.

What is Microsoft Loop?

Microsoft Loop is a single-spaced page that can be used for note-taking. It offers tools such as task management, project tracking, to-do lists, bookmarking, and more. It’s similar to the blank canvas in Windows OneNote and is a new kind of document app. With Microsoft Loop, you can co-create projects and use them across other apps with the Loop component while keeping everything in sync.

You may have seen similar apps like Notion, but what makes Microsoft Loop better is its portable Loop component and its ecosystem with other productivity apps. It’s quite useful when all sections are shareable with other productivity tools that you may already be using.

To join the Microsoft Loop Public Preview:

How to get started with Microsoft Loop Ultimate Guide: Sign-up for Preview, Exploring Top Features, Co-Pilot, Sharing Pages, and More
  • Visit Microsoft Loop and click on “Get Started.”
  •  Log in with your Microsoft account.
  •  After logging in, you will see a welcome screen where you can begin using your workspace.
  •  Choose which account you want to continue with – personal for your productivity or business for use across your workspace. On the first sign-up, there will be a pre-designed workspace with examples and an introduction to Microsoft Loop to guide you on how to use it.

Note: As of now, there is no Microsoft Loop app available for Windows. It’s not confirmed when it will arrive, but until then it works well on the web. You can click on the “Install” icon that appears in the upper-right corner of the address bar on your browser to install the web-based Microsoft Loop for easier use and more screen space.

How to use Microsoft Loop

Let’s start by understanding the elements of the Microsoft tool. On the left side, you have all your Pages and Sub-pages, which help you keep all your Loop pages together. You can organize these pages and group them. To switch between all your Workspaces, you can click on the Dropdown selector at the top of the page list. To get to the home screen, click on the Loop option at the top of the screen.

How to get started with Microsoft Loop Ultimate Guide: Sign-up for Preview, Exploring Top Features, Co-Pilot, Sharing Pages, and More

It’s quite fun to use as a note-taking app. If you only want to focus on the page, you can click on the “Close the Sidebar” button that appears in the upper-right corner of the page section. The page is the main focus, where everything happens. Here, all things are laid together and can be used to create and co-create. On the pages, there is also a loop component that allows users to get a quick start across apps. You should start using this and become familiar with it. Also, check out the new loop component that will be coming out soon and is already in use by typing “/” to begin with the Loop Component.

How to get started with Microsoft Loop Ultimate Guide: Sign-up for Preview, Exploring Top Features, Co-Pilot, Sharing Pages, and More

As for the Pages, you can also add emojis. These are beautiful 3D Fluent emojis from Microsoft. You can also add Cover images for the Page, which are well thought-out and match the aesthetics of the app. At the bottom, you also have the Page templates to kickstart things. Select the template to have a preview on your page. If you want to remove the demo content, click on “Clear Content” by clicking on the template at the bottom of the Microsoft Loop. There will be more templates coming soon, and there will be an option to create your templates with future updates.

Microsoft loop With Co-Pilot

This is the very first app that comes with Co-Pilot functionality out of the box. Microsoft has aggressively integrated OpenAI Model across Microsoft productivity apps such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft 365. With Loop’s Co-Pilot feature, you can start creating anything you like based on your prompt.

How to get started with Microsoft Loop Ultimate Guide: Sign-up for Preview, Exploring Top Features, Co-Pilot, Sharing Pages, and More

However, Co-Pilot is not ready for the general audience, and you need to enable it from Settings. If you want to enable the Co-Pilot for Loop, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the triple-dot menu in the upper-right corner of Microsoft Loop.
  2.  Click on “Settings” and then go to the “Experiment” section.
  3.  Toggle to enable Co-Pilot.

That’s it!

Sharing your Page

How to get started with Microsoft Loop Ultimate Guide: Sign-up for Preview, Exploring Top Features, Co-Pilot, Sharing Pages, and More

Regarding sharing your page, public preview is not currently open for the view outside the organization. There are multiple ways to share your Workspace, Page, or Loop Component, and you can choose whom you want to share it with and whether you want to make it editable or not. With the sharing link, you can make the Loop Component available on supported apps like Microsoft Chat, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, or more.

Microsoft Loop Idea

Microsoft Loop has a dedicated section called “Idea” where you can create new ideas for yourself. This section will not be visible to others. You can start creating new ideas from your Microsoft Loop webpage or your mobile device. Your idea page can be shared and worked on, and it can also be shared across the app.

Top Features of Microsoft Loop

Here are the top features that you can start using: Labels: You can use them directly on pages. 

  • Comments: On the right side of every line, you can see a comment icon on the left side so that you can have conversations right in Microsoft Loop.
  •     Sharing Loop Page as a component: Share your page and conversation directly with the Microsoft Team or through Microsoft Whiteboard or Word Online, which makes it a more versatile tool.

You can boost your productivity with this tool. Hopefully, this guide has been helpful for you and you have successfully been able to use it. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinions and feedback. If you have any queries, share them with us in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.