In May 2022, Microsoft showed a few glimpses of the Unified Outlook app. Now On 28th September, developers finally released that Unified Outlook app. Indeed, The much-awaited Unified Outlook app for Windows is now available to all office insiders. If you remember, earlier, the same was restricted to commercial customers only.

Moreover, Microsoft has now sorted and will soon roll out the Unified Outlook app on Windows 10 and 11. However, the Unified Outlook app is not such a new thing but a great gift for personal Microsoft account holders. So, here we will discuss the Unified Outlook app for Windows and all its associated things.

Microsoft finally started rolling out the Unified Outlook App for Windows

Along with availing the Outlook app to all office insiders. Microsoft has added a few more features to it. However, Among them, some parts are yet to begin, but all of them are confirmed. Very soon, you can use email accounts from other devices. Besides that, there is a unified ribbon at the top of the Outlook Window specifically for Quick actions.

Courtesy: Office Insider

Accordingly, It becomes easy for Outlook users to navigate with more ease throughout the app. One new feature gives tips for using Outlook, as several users are new to Outlook. For this reason, the Unified Outlook app for Windows has added a tip feature. Apart from that, a Quick Steps feature is dedicated to Inbox Items.

Meanwhile, Using the Quick Steps feature, users can look for inbox items and easily find what they instantly want. This time On the Calendar front, you can see the complete details of your scheduled event. It means you can now adjust the width of the column. Collectively, The Unified Outlook app for Windows has few changes and new additions.

As of now, Microsoft has added these changes to the Unified Outlook app. But, apart from that, a few things will be added to Outlook in the coming months. These upcoming additions are multiple email accounts, third-party service, offline support, support for web add-ins, and ICS files.

How to Join and Use a Unified Outlook App for Windows?

If you are signed up as an Office Insider and running Beta Channel or Current Channel (Preview) builds, all you need to do is slide the Try the New Outlook toggle located in the upper-right corner of your classic Outlook for Windows, and follow the onscreen instructions.

We know that Microsoft started rolling out all new Unified Outlook apps for Windows. Still, a few things are going to update on the app accordingly. But, What next when it comes to using and joining that new app? Do not worry if you have already installed the Outlook app for Windows. Then, it will ask for an Update.

Moreover, If you are downloading the new app, it just downloads it. Once you update/download Unified Outlook App for Windows, launch the app. After that, You will see a toggle appearing in the top-right corner (Whenever it is available). So, When you enable toggle simultaneously, you will enter into all new Unified Outlook apps.

Conclusively, the Unified Outlook app for Windows is nothing but a new enhancement. And currently, these are the favorable updates relating to Outlook. And, if any user has queries with the same, then ask them all in the below section.