YouTube is aggressively pushing short-form videos to compete against TikTok, Instagram’s Reels, and others. Today they announced the new creator tool, which allows YouTube creators to create short YouTube videos from their existing YouTube videos.

The update is available on the YouTube Mobile app, and since YouTube already supports 60-second vertical videos as short videos, YouTube’s Shorts seems to be a big success for Google, and this tool is available on both Android and iOS devices. It’s clear that not all users have liked this, similar to not every user wanting Instagram to be like TikTok.

How to Create Shorts from a YouTube Video

Existing YouTube videos can be easily converted into shorts by using the very familiar editing tool to trim a portion of their video up to 60 seconds and serve it as a YouTube Shorts.

Attention Shorts creators: to make it easier to create even more new content, you can now convert up to 60 seconds from your own existing long-form YouTube videos and turn them into Shorts using all the same editing tools that you know and love (text, timeline editor, filters, etc.)
Courtesy: Google
  • Open YouTube and open your channel.
  • Then choose the video which you’d like to turn into a short.
  • Click on “Edit into a Short” and then choose the 60-second segment that you want to cut.
  • Next, continue and next to publish the video.
  • That’s it!

Video will provide the source for the full video, in case someone wants to watch the full video. Not to mention, original videos have the potential to reach more viewers. Recently, we have seen Meta is worried about TikTok’s potential, and similarly, Google’s efforts for shorts are leveraging.

In April, YouTube announced that it would merge YouTube Videos into YouTube Shorts, but creators need to opt-out for this Studio. Shorts has 1.5 billion monthly users and will continue to grow. We might see more leaning towards the shorts with better stability, a better monetized option, and with growth. If you haven’t received this update, then wait a few days. Google is gradually rooling out this feature.

Some YouTube creators appreciate this feature and believe creators who have already used this feature can see more growth with the platform.

Hannah Warling explained that she expects to use this tool to not only drive my short form audience to my long form, but vice versa. I also believe it will allow me to post more consistently in both formats. When making content, creators have a limited amount of time, which often leads to them having to choose between one format or the other. By allowing creators to easily repurpose content they’ve worked so hard to make, you’re giving them more opportunities for their hard work to reach the largest possible audience. “