OnePlus usually rolls out its software update gradually; sometimes, it feels like updating it manually. Sideloading update on your device also comes in handy when you have rooted your device because your device won’t receive regular OTA or has yet to start rolling out the update in your region.  

Stable updates first roll out to a handful of users, and if they don’t receive any problematic reports, they roll out to the rest of the devices.  Locally upgrading your OnePlus is very straightforward, and today we will be sharing step-by-step instructions on installing the OTA update package on your OnePlus devices.  

OxygenOS Updates  

There are three different features for the OnePlus Device, Alpha (Closed Beta), Open Beta, and Stable update. Where Alpha is available for limited testers, these builds are mostly early and are not recommended on the regular device. To Join Closed beta, OnePlus asks you to apply to a forum, and mostly, it’s for developers.  

Another is Open Beta; these are for early adopters and mostly for niche audiences. Before releasing the public update, check they don’t have any major bugs or issues, unlike Alpha. In the end, a Stable update rolled out to the device.  

OnePlus continues putting effort into keeping their smartphone updated as long as possible, and you also find the OTA package from Beta and Stable build to upgrade your device locally. Sideloading the OTA package is similar to every channel, either Beta or Stable.  

How to download and Install OxygenOS OTA Update Package  

There are two different types of OTA releases, Full and incremental. If you were looking for sideloading, use the Full update package. If you have rooted your device, you can use incremental to extract the stock boot image to patch and flash to have root access afterward.  

Note: Carrier variants have separate firmware; double-check the firmware if it is supportable.  

OnePlus Updater  

Oxygen Updater on Google Play Store, This open-source app allows you to download the OTA package at your convenience. On top of that, It has the MD5 Checksum to verify the integrity of the zip file. All you have to do is open the one plus Updater, and then the app will automatically detect your device model number and show the available download within the app. Choose the OTA update package, and start downloading based on your preference.  

How to Locally upgrade OxyegenOS Update  

Install OxygenOS OTA Update, Sideload Android Update on the OnePlus Device  

Before starting to flash, you should ensure that you have downloaded the supportable build for your device. And installation Package stored into root directory (Internal Storage).  

Note: If the file is downloaded in.jar extension, then replace it with .Zip.  

Manually sideload Firmware (OxygenOS) ON OxygenOS 11  

  • First, you need to download the OTA Update for your device and move the package to the internal storage of the device.  
  • After that, Open Device Settings and go to System.  
  • From there, Head over to System updates, and on that page, you have a gear icon on the screen’s top-right corner.  
  • Choose Local Upgrade and then browse your OTA Update file.  
  • Click on Install Now on the pop-up and wait for it to finish the upgrade.  

Note for Global Variant: Local Upgrade doesn’t make visible on Global Variant; you need to install OnePlus System Update or Launcher and try installing the file again.  

Manually sideload Firmware (OxygenOS) ON OxygenOS 12 or higher  

  • Starting with downloading the OTA Package and then Moving the package to the internal storage of the device.  
  • Now open your device settings and then click on About device.  
  • From there, Click on Version and tap on Build number x7 times.  
Install OxygenOS OTA Update, Sideload Android Update on the OnePlus Device  

Revert to the Settings page, head over to About device, and from there, Click on Up to date.  

  • There you have triple-vertical dots appear on the upper-right corner of the screen.  
  • Choose it, and From there, click on Local Install.  
  • Choosing it and then browsing the package.  
  • Select Install, and then proceed with the installation.  
  • That’s it!  

Manually sideload Firmware (OxygenOS) with OPLOcalUpdate  

First, download and install APK, and then Open the System update from your app drawer. Then it will automatically detect the OTA Update package (If it’s stored in internal storage) and start upgrading your device firmware.  

How to Downgrade OxygenOS  

If you want to revert to your stable version of OxygenOS, you will get the rollback package on the download page or the stable latest OxygenOS Build of OTA Update. Else, you can download the stable update from the OnePlus website and Install it with the Local Install method.