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Hey Guys, Recently Pubg Lite Launched in India With Some Exclusive Rewards. Now The JIO Comes in Place with an Amazing Partnership. In Which they are Serving an Exclusive SCAR-L Skin. Which Look amazing. But I Tell you that this Offer is Exclusively Available for Jio Users only.

Meanwhile, this Exclusive In-Game Reward Will be Given to JIO Users in the Form of Redeem Code. Which They Have to Redeem

in game. Meanwhile, it is Not Specified for What it Will be. They Didn’t Promise for What Exclusive Skin WIll be Available. So, Check this Out. Also, There is No Such Info About if the Code is transferable or Not?

jio-PUBG Lite Collaboration Brings offered as redeemable codes. jio-PUBG Lite: How to Get Exclusive In-Game RewardsPubg Lite Rewards for Jio Subscribers

Jio-PUBG Lite

First Thing First Pubg Lite is a Beta Service in India for Now, While it Launched Earlier this month. Further, as Usal Pubg Already Rewarding Users Reward as their Weekly Challenge. Jio Collaborate With Pubg Lite, To Give Some Suprise to their Users. Giving the in-game merchandise Skin Such as Bags, Helmet and Guns Skin or Among Other Items. Pubg Lite Will Send you Redeem Code on your Gmail.

Video Tutorial, How to avail the exclusive Jio rewards in PUBG Lite?

How to Get an Exclusive Jio Reward in PUBG Lite.

PUBG Lite and Reliance Jio collaborates to offer exclusive rewards

  • Visit
  • Click on Register and Fill your Details Such as Age, Email Address and Your Jio Mobile No.
  • Then, You WIll Recieve an Email and Verified by Clicking on the First Link
  • Now, Go back to Inbox
  • and You Will Find New Mail, Which has your Redeem Code.
  • Copy Code and Open Pubg Lite
  • Open Pubg Lite and Click on Store.
  • Tap on “Add Bonus / Gift Code”
  • Enter your Redeem Code and Click on Redeem
  • Check your Inventory for your Reward
  • Click on Equip to Select the Item.

Enjoy, Simple, Isn’t it?

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PUBG LITE is a multiplayer battle Royale shooter that you can enjoy on your laptop and even in the low-end PC.

You will play with maximum of 100 players, in a struggle for survival. Gather weapons, vehicles, and supplies strategically and outwit your opponents to become the last person standing. You will start on a location and will need to be on the move constantly to ensure that you are always in the safe zone. The available safe zone in the map decreases in size with time directing all the players into a smaller zone and thereby engaging in a constant battle as you move.

There are 4 Maps that you can choose from with each one giving you different terrains and associated stories that will intrigue you. Try all the maps as no two are the same and the experience changes completely from one to the other. Additionally, there is a training mode available for new users to get accustomed to the controls and handling of different weapons.

Register Now to get free exclusive in-game rewards and skins.

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