Reliance is rolling out Public Beta testing for its 5G network, Announcing Jio 5G Welcome offer across 4 Cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Varanasi. During these phases, Users can enjoy unlimited 5G Data up to 1Gbps+ speed, similar to what Jio did during its launch in 2017.

As promised, the company successfully rolled out a 5G network before Diwali 2022. However, 5G connectivity is only accessible through invitation, which means not everyone gets this benefit; instead, it will reach gradually.

You don’t have to do anything, and You will automatically get upgraded without any extra charge. Not to mention, you require a 5G device to support a 5G Network.

Jio’s Welcome
“enable its invited customers to trial true 5G services and provide service and user-experience feedback,” it says, adding that “being a customer-obsessed organization, Jio believes in giving the best customer experience that is strengthened by customer feedback.” continue with “is substantially complete to provide the best coverage and user experience to every customer,” and “progressively as cities keep getting ready.”

5G Core Network consists of a component-based control plane, programmable user plane, and a cloud native management plane. JPL’s 5G Standalone Core is a 'True 5G' solution compliant to 3GPP Release 16 and has a state-of-the-art Hyperscale architecture which leverages a software-centric modular approach, along with smart cloud capabilities of auto-scaling. It is well tailored to enhance the operational efficiency of the service providers by reducing the network integration time by more than 70 percent. It not only facilitates the faster creation of a digital ecosystem but also provides freedom to innovate. JPL’s 5G core solution comes in two flavours – Hyperscale for carriers, and Hyperlite for enterprise/private 5G deployments. As a result, CSPs can experience the benefits of a scalable system that can grow as per their deployment strategy and use cases.
Courtesy: Jio

The company hasn’t unveiled its Plans for 5G; 5 G Users under Jio Welcome continue to use free access until the official plan is announced. Jio offers True5G, Which means they offer a 5G network with SA (Standalone) Network, which doesn’t depend on a 4G network.

Whereas Airtel will offer NSA (Non-Standalone) 5G network. However, Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In contrast, Jio was not going to full-SA. It was also going to use NSA alongside the SA network. Mukesh Ambani also said Jio would cover 5G connectivity in remote corners of India by the end of this next year.

Jio 5G Welcome Offer 2022 with Unlimited data 1Gbps Speed in 4 Cities

Suppose you have a 5G smartphone but don’t support a 5G network due to a lack of bands. Since OEM doesn’t know which network bands will be mainstream, they put the most commonly used 5G bands in your smartphone. Some OEMs like Samsung, Apple, and other individual smartphone manufacturers may push a software update to unlock the 5G capablites of your smartphone.