If we talk about any application that helps us to entertain, teach and upload videos then the only term
that comes ahead is YouTube. As this is one of the global reach applications that has a vast range of
video collections through which you can learn as well as earn. But, few YouTube users are complaining
an errors encountered on their devices.

Moreover, the error display can be a cause of things that acts as a major player in running YouTube. For
that purpose, we researched the same subject and tried to find something best for you. So, here we will
share with you about Is YouTube not working? Here’s what you can do to fix it.

Why is YouTube not working and what Ways to Fix it

Although, YouTube does not usually show that type of error. But, Yes the news is correct that Youtube is
not loading for various its users. On that note, we tried to find why the app showed this captioned error.
Interestingly, we got some ways that will surely get away you from these types of errors.

Close and Re-open YouTube

Sometimes, YouTube gets opening errors in delivering its service on any device. Also, it has been
observed that when YouTube is not able to process its data then, shows YouTube not working in error.
In that case, the priority is to close down the YouTube app and try to Re-open it.

Update YouTube App

If your Youtube App is not up to date with the latest additions propound by developers. Then, you may
face errors on your YouTube app. For that reason, It has a major chance that you get “Youtube not
working” as an error. In that case, We recommend you update your YouTube app to its latest version.
You can update it using your device permitted app store.

Clear YouTube Cache files

Cache files are those files that maintain a high degree of speed during the processing. However,
sometimes this type of memory covers some error portion. As a result, it becomes a hurdle for that
particular app to process easily. In that case, You need to clear your YouTube app cache files. However,
if you don’t know for clearing cache then, follow the below steps.

1. Simply, Head to your device Settings.
2. Then, Search for Application Management.
3. Next, Tap on the first option.
4. Afterward, Scroll down and look for YouTube App.
5. Then, Tap on the YouTube app option.
6. Now, locate and Tap on Clear Cache files.
7. That’s it, Your YouTube App Cache files will be clear.

Restart Your Device

No doubt, Mainly the Application Software creates a hurdle for the YouTube app to run. But, Sometimes
Your device Software also does malfunction and deliver an In-compatible service with YouTube. For that
reason, the last option is to restart your particular device.

Conclusively, The above-given fixes will surely help you to far away from Youtube not working error.
However, if you still getting the same error it means there is some problem by the developer end which
would likely to fix by them.