Since the last few projects, Riot games built an empire upon their chosen category games. All thanks to league of legends (LoL), which enforced the arrival of games like Hextech Mayhem and more. Riot game’s business plan also serves the gaming community with a better vision and reach. 

Among the different titles, league of legends managed a gigantic universe based around MOBA and Esports. Nevertheless, Suddenly, LoL hype goes down due to the same concept with all Riot games 159 Playable champions. Following this, the LoL user base is shrinking, and it seems like LOL is dying. So, To evaluate the statement, let us take a look below.

Is League of Legends (LoL) Getting Down?

If you notice, League of Legends was launched early in 2009 as a direct counter to Valve’s Dota. Luckily, Within one and half years, the game earned a mass of 10 Million Player bases. Further, the same concept repeats. In January 2021, the figure went to 110 Million Playerbase who log in to LoL every month.

LOL Championships

When Riot games organized the League of Legends World Championship in 2011. The Fnatic won the championship with a total prize pool of $50,000. The EDG 2021 does the same thing with $4,89,000 with a house gifted by team owners. 2016 SKT T1 got over 2 Million dollars in prize money.

Large Player Base: Alongside, League of Legends had over 10 million players. Furthermore, no pandemic confined us to our rooms and forced us to spend hours gaming away. Even in that situation, the player base was still high, and millions were logged into it. Besides that, some more things considered, LoL is not getting down.

Is League of Legends (LoL) Getting Down?

Filled Stadium Arenas: The other reason is that League of Legends filled the stadium arenas. Because Then, players got bored with old soccer and other stadium-based games. Additionally, the Riot games organize numerous events with exciting and thrilling shows. Also, the players who accomplish insane performances each time get on stage. For this reason, it forces players to watch more.

Emotions with LoL: With having a significant player base figure and several benefits to the gaming community. The League of Legends earned an emotional touch with the players. Because every LOL player remembers the last game feeling at 3’O’ Clock Morning, and such unique emotions make the league of legends more connected with the players.

Is League of Legends Dying: Dead Game?

No. League of Legends is not dying.

The above evaluation shows that League of Legends is not going down or lying. Nevertheless, it found that Riot games are making new ways with new titles. So that they can spread their games branches to the different genres. However, League of Legends fell with some player base figures. Nevertheless, the gaming industry is trying to grow yearly through the World Championship Concept.