Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 Series CAD renders have already begun to surface, and the European Union and the Indian government have passed legislation requiring all electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and cameras, to use a common charging standard, which will be USB Type-C by the end of 2024. The company has already confirmed that it has to comply with the law and make changes.

However, the Government of India has exempted this rule for feature phones, wearables, and laptops. So will the upcoming Apple device, the iPhone 15 Series, come with USB Type-C? Apple has been using its proprietary lightning charger for a long time. However, it will change with the upcoming Apple device, the iPhone 15 Series, having USB Type-C.

It’s interesting to know how Apple will make this change, as most other manufacturers, like Samsung, supply their wall and travel chargers. This means that Apple customers could buy less expensive chargers instead from Apple. Users can now purchase the charger from a competitor brand. It is unknown how Apple will handle this situation and how Samsung can earn some money from its competitor, Apple.

iPhone 15 Series might be compatible with Samsung chargers

Apple will have to manufacture its USB Type-C chargers, as some reports show that the iPhone 15 Series will have USB Type-C 2.0, and some reports suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro series will have Thunderbolt. Alternatively, Apple could push its MagSafe charger, focusing on wireless charging while avoiding the USB Type-C charger. Even if Apple releases its charger, it will be more expensive than Samsung’s charger.

Samsung sells its 25-watt USB Type-C charger for $34.99, and they also have a 45-watt USB Type-C charger that costs $49.99. It’s unclear how much Apple will be able to charge quickly. On the other hand, Apple might share its WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) with Samsung and Qualcomm to deliver Qi2 charging, similar to Apple’s MagSafe charging. Reports confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is compatible with the Apple MagSafe charger.