Apple September is finally done, and a whole new thing comes together from Apple Park; we already covered the iPhone 14 and Pro, but for those who want to quickly recap here, we have done to cover Apple Watch, Airpods Pro, and iPhone 14 Series. So, Let’s go.

iPhone 14 and Pro

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max - Airpods 2 Pro, and Apple Watch: Full Recap

This year we don’t have iPhone Minu, but it has been replaced by the normal iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. Without a doubt, a bigger display is already reserved for the higher models. Base model iPhone 14 starts from $899 (128GB), $999 (256GB), and goes up to $1199 (512GB).

It comes with a 6.1-Inch Display and 6.7-inch display for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, respectively. Pro Models have the same sizes as Non-Pros. We believe iPhone 14 Plus is going to be the most popular smartphone in the series. And Apple also confirms Plus has the best battery life ever.

iPhone 14 has the same A15 Bionic Mobile Platform that was used in Last year’s iPhone 13 Lineup. However, Apple has done some enhancement, putting 5-Core GPU instead of 4-Core. In terms of a camera module, iPhone 14 now allows more light with a bigger 1.9″ aperture 12MP Sensor alongside a true-depth selfie camera has a huge camera upgrade. For the very first time, the Selfie shooter has autofocus.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max - Airpods 2 Pro, and Apple Watch: Full Recap

Better color, Deep Fusion, and better low light images upgrade the image quality that Apple calls Photonic engine. These results in 2x better in ultrawide and 2.5x better in the Main camera in comparison to iPhone 13. Here you also have Action Mode, Which basically images stabilization eliminating the gimbal requirements and also added support for 4K video recording at 24fps to cinematic mode.

Another major thing is the eSIM; in the US, you don’t need a physical SIM Card; instead, you need an eSIM with your carrier. The most talked about feature, Crash Detection, is used to detect car crashes and connect you to the emergency. Satellite Service, which helps you to connect with Help in a remote area. Because the satellite constantly moves iPhone does help you to point to the satellite, and it will connect you to emergency services.

You can also use this feature to send your location using the Find My app; this feature is free for the initial first two years and will be rolled out in November.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max - Airpods 2 Pro, and Apple Watch: Full Recap

iPhone 14 Pro series received A16 Bionic Soc where it get Startsedfrom $999 (128GB), $1099 (256GB), $1299 (512GB), and $1499 (1TB). Most interesting in the event was the unveiling of the Pill Shaped Cutout replacing the typical Notch, Which was named Dynamic Island for iPhone 14 Pro. Dynamic Island has been praised by Android OEMs since it is a great integration of Hardware and software. All of the different animations, Look like interactive widgets.

The update also comes to Sper Retina Display, Now you can view HDR content at 1600 nits, and the display is now bumped to 2000 nits of peak brightness. Not only this, there is a New Always-on Display since you need an LTPO display; this is the reason it is only available in Pro models. The device changes the refresh rate depending on what you are doing; while playing a game, it ramps up to 120Hz, and on AOD, it ramps down to 1Hz; these prevent battery consumption.

Under the hood, This is the first Apple’s first silicon with a 4nm Processor focus on Power efficiency, display, and cameras. Where you have a 48-megapixel main sensor with f/1.78, which uses pixel binning to town down to 12MP to save storage, you can take advantage of 48MP using Apple Pro Raw to get the best details. Zoom and Flash also get a significant update like Updated Cinematic mode with 4K @24fps as well as Action mode, which is going to turn your iPhone into a Gimbal.

Airpods 2 Pro

Apple announces the next generation of AirPods Pro

After 3 years, Apple launched their latest and greatest Airpods Pro 2nd generation. The design is similar to the last generation, but it has a little speaker and functionality to find your AirPods preciously. It is 2x better than the last generation; ANC mode is way too good. The company added a touch for controls like increasing and decreasing volume.

Apple announces the next generation of AirPods Pro

It’s crazy how Apple uses their iPhone true depth camera to create a personalized audio profile for spatial audio. You get 6hrs of listening time and 30hrs of listening with the case. It will be available for $249 from September 23rd. It is powered by H2 SoC for better sound quality, and you can now charge the case with iPhone Charger.

Apple Watch

Introducing Apple Watch Ultra

Watch SE comes with an S8 SiP With a 64-bit dual-core, Which is also found on the ultra model and Series 8. This is the new watch for extreme sports, With a big, rugged, 49mm case. It has 2000nits brightness. Ultra comes with a price tag of $799, is packed with emergency SOS and brings the L1 and L5 GPS for precision location during dense conditions.

Super loud allow amplifying the sound up to 600 feet, and Some really great feature for a diver. There is a new button, Which can use to trigger various things. It also has a secound speaker and Mic for an enhanced experience. Compass is also redesigned; it can give you 36hours of battery life on a single charge with battery optimization; you can enjoy up to 60hrs updates this fall.

Introducing Apple Watch Ultra

Apple watches series 8 Starts at $399, $499 for the cellular version, swin dustproof, and crack resistance. With the use of low power mode, you can enjoy 36hrs of use with a single charge. Here we go with two new sensors that can detect emergencies like Car crashes, Temperature sensor, which is actually quite useful for women to track Ovulation. It can track temperature changes of up to 0.1°C and will send you a notification about the Ovulated.