wish for a world where all smartphones are waterproof

These Days Smartphone Manufacture are making their device water resistance. But they have their certain limits. Here IP Rating is Used to measure that How Much your water your device can really handle and they’re probably not as resistant as you think.

Not to mention, you should keep your device as dry as possible. Most of the device has IP Rating Where IP stands for Internation Protection Rating or More Commonly referred to as Ingress Protection Marking. Not to be confused with IP address or Intellectual property. Where the Device tested to protect your device from outside of the inside of your product.

In 2018 Most of the Smartphone advertised as water resistant Which Mostly has IP67 and IP68.
Who each Number have their Own Mean.

 IP Rating

The First number after IP means dust resistance. It is also important to Keep your camera lenses free of dust and Other Components Dust Free. If your Device has Lower than 5 its means your Device is Not Dust tight.

If your Device has X instead of No its means, Now tested for dust Category. The second Digit of IP rating is related to waterproofing, The Device with 7 rating can hold up to 1m depth for 30Minutes easily.

The first thing to keep in Mind is that the IR test is done in fresh Water Where if your Device falls into Ocean Which has Salt or Pool Which has Chlorine. then you have to Survive from instant Corrosion and Temperature also depend. How much your Device is Been Survived.


If your Device has IP rating, then almost No Manufacture will warranty water Damage of your Device. this is because manufactured put White Sticker into their motherboard which turns Pink when Wet.