Adobe Premier Pro is one of the most popular video-editing software, where video comes in different video formats and Windows requires you to install the right code on your computer. After exporting, you might encounter HEVC video with an error message “Codec Missing or Unavailable” or “the file requires the HEVC code.”

It became popular after its introduction on iPhones because it saved the video in HEVC by default, and 4K UHD Blu-rays have also used it so far.

There are multiple ways to fix the codec HEVC (H.265 Codec), which is a highly-compressed format that requires high resources, and it’s not recommended for video editing. low-end, and to upload, the device doesn’t support HEVC, so you have to convert HEVC to be compatible.

About HEVC H.265 Video Codec

It’s a High-Efficiency Video Codec, which is used to compress the video files. It is quite useful for compressing big files, especially with 4K or 8K resolution later on, in order to offer a lossless playback quality. Without this, you won’t be able to play HEVC files, and some recordings are backed by HEVC code by default.

Codec Repair

If you are working with video-editing files, then you need to install the HEVC Format plugin on your editing tool, including Adobe Premier Pro, Filmora, or else. Even so, you can simply install the HEVC Video extension on your computer from the Microsoft Store or Sideload it on your PC.

Download and Install the HEVC Code

Here are some of the HEVC codes available for free and paid versions to download,

Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: 0,99 €
HEVC-Videoerweiterungen vom Gerätehersteller
HEVC-Videoerweiterungen vom Gerätehersteller
Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Code needed

Convert the format of your video.

If you are still encountering problems, then you can convert your HEVC content to any preferable file that your Windows PCs will support.

Alternative: Download and Install VLC Media Player

To play the HEVC content on your screen, you can use the VLC Media Player. It is feature-rich software to use, and you can download it for free from the Microsoft Store.

HEVC/H265 is not the preferred format for video editing, but instead it is for after exporting, because it takes x10 computing power. Some powerful GPUs also struggle, so yeah, it’s not designed for video editing.

Once you finish and want to share, you can use the high compression rate to deal with it. It is useful for users with less storage space, and it helps to locally store the data.