10.or E stopped receiving an update, and if you have owned the device and want to flash new firmware on your device. This guide will help you install Magisk On 10.or E, so follow this article carefully.

How to Install Magisk on 10.or E

Before you ask about Magisk, It’s a common interface that allows developers to maintain the architecture modules. Topjohnwn (XDA Senior Developer) developed this to make flashing and installing modules easy. SafetyNet API restricts your device from rooting, Similarly when Pokemon Go isn’t playable on the rooted device. But with the Magisk, you can grant and deny permission for accessing root files to make the module functional.)

Advantages of installing Magisk on 10.or E

You can read more about it on the download page, and here we have some highlights of the benefits of installing Magisk On 10.or E

  • Root Permissions: You can configure vendor partition without modifying system files.
  • Magic Mount: You can replace files and folders within the system directory.
  • Magisk Manager: Allow to manage root status and change changing fonts.
  • Magisk Hide: Grant and deny permission for root access.
  • Magisk Module: There are some modules that you can use to install to enhance the functionality.
  • Remove Bloatware: Remove the manufacturing apps to save storage.
  • Add features and Applications: You can run apps outside PlayStore, or overclock the CPU.

Since it hides the root status from SafetyNet, apps like Netflix, Pokemon Go, and Google Pay are easy to function.

Disclaimer: There is some potential risk which includes damaging vital components of a device, Avoiding Manufacture warranty, and a huge risk of malware that could compromise data privacy. So, you should proceed if you have basic knowledge of Android Troubleshooting to resolve incoming unknown errors.


Install Magisk

  • Restart your device, and boot into TWRP recovery.
  • From there, tap on Install and head to internal storage to navigate Magisk.Zip.
  • Now, install the Zip on your device, and wait to finish.
  • Once it finishes, Reboot your device.

Check Root Status

For this, you can download Root Checker App and check the status of your device.

Uninstall Magisk

  • Open Magisk Manager from the Update Module and uninstall it.
  • Simply select all installed modules, and then tap on Uninstall.
  • Tap on Uninstall to confirm your action