For some time, Instagram has been constantly down, but this isn’t always the issue. In some cases, the circle is spinning for other reasons. However, it could be different for everyone. If other things are working fine and only stories are not loading, then this article might help you.

It’s understandable that Instagram Stories take some time to load. They might be taking longer than usual if your internet is slow. As Instagram stories only remain for 24 hours and you only have a limited time to watch them, let’s check how you can fix it if your Instagram stories aren’t loading.

Reasons Why Instagram Stories Aren’t Loading

There could be various reasons why your Instagram stories aren’t loading. One of the most common reasons is that occasionally there is a peak time when everyone is using Instagram – especially at night. Let’s check other things as well.

Run Internet Speed Test

To check if your internet is working fine, you can visit the Speedtest app by Ookla to check your internet speed. From there you can see how fast your internet is and if you have an internet issue then try fixing that first. Switch the internet from Wi-Fi to Mobile data or vice versa accordingly or switch it on/off. If you are facing slow internet, it could be because of network issues or weakened Wi-Fi signals. You can also try visiting other applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other app to test your internet speed.

Try Resetting Network on Android and iOS

If you don’t have any problem with your internet then you can try resetting your Network settings with the following instructions:

  • Open Device Settings and head over to Connections.
  • From there you will have More Connection Settings/Advanced Settings.
  • Go to Reset Network Settings, tap on it and confirm your action to reset your Network Settings.

Once you finish, try opening Instagram and check the stories again. If you are an iOS user you can check the follow-up guide:

  • Open Device Settings and from there go to General.
  • Scroll to find the Reset option, tap on it and confirm your action.
  • That’s it!

Restart the App

If you are still having trouble, then you can try restarting the app which will clear the background task and try reconnecting with the service. For this, you should first close the app from the background and then try again. If you are still having a problem then try force closing to restart with this guide:

On Android,

  • Open Device settings and go to Apps by scrolling.
  • From there find the Instagram app and tap on it which will open App Info.
  • There you have an option to Force Close. Restart your Phone You can try rebooting your device which will recompile the files.

It’s unlikely that your phone is causing the issue with Instagram but power-cycling your device will kill background processes and its behavior.

  • Clearing Instagram Cache on Android
  • Long-press on your Instagram app icon. From the flyout tap on App Info.
  • From there go to Storage and then tap on Clear Cache.

class="wp-block-heading">Clear Cache on iOS

  • Open Device Settings and then tap on General.
  • Go to iPhone Storage and find the Instagram app.
  • Tap on it and from there tap on Offload Apps.
  • That’s it!

Update or Reinstall the App

Lastly, you can try updating your app from the respective store. If it still isn’t working, try reinstalling it by first uninstalling the app from your device and then installing it again from the store on your device.

Check your Device’s Date & Time

Sometimes because of a time difference, Instagram doesn’t work as it’s supposed to due to some glitch. So try setting the date and time to automatic. For Android devices, here is a guide:

  • Open Device settings and head over to General Management.
  • From there you have Date and Time.
  • Then reset to automatic or update your Time Zone.

Similarly, you can also do this on iOS:

  • Open Device settings and then tap on General.
  • Go to Date & Time. From there set to Automatic or update Timezone.

Note: Settings on the device could vary depending upon the manufacturer. For specific options, you can search for them in the device settings.

These are troubleshooting guides that you can follow to fix Instagram stories not loading. However, Instagram doesn’t have a custom support team that you can get in touch with but within the app you can go with the Help function from Instagram’s settings to report your problem. Instagram will send you troubleshooting tips or updates about the situation.

This is a well-known issue but still Instagram users face this issue quite often. Do check out DownDetector to find if Instagram is down or not. Thanks for being with us! We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If there are any queries share them with us in the comment section down below.