Microsoft integrated Modern Team into Windows 11 with the release of the operating system. However, the majority of users do not use Microsoft Team, and if you wish to remove the team from your taskbar, startup, or wish to proceed with uninstalling the Microsoft Team.

Microsoft’s team has undergone a significant visual makeover, and it is ideal for chatting with friends and family. Apart from these features, Windows 11 users will almost certainly wish to pause the team. Without further ado, let us examine it.

How to Uninstall a Team in Windows 11

There are several ways to do so, ranging from disabling the team’s startup loading to removing it from the taskbar and uninstalling it. Adhere to the instructions listed below.

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How to remove the Microsoft Team icon from the taskbar in Windows 11

  • Click the taskbar with the right mouse button and then click Taskbar Settings.
  • Expand the Taskbar items option from there.
  • Following that, toggle the chat window to disable the taskbar pin.
  • That is all.

How to prevent Microsoft Team from loading automatically at startup

  • Open Windows Settings (Windows + I shortcut)
  • From the left-panel, navigate to Apps, and then click on Startup to bring up the right-panel.
  • Select Startup and then the Microsoft Team.
  • Using Toogle, you can prevent the Microsoft team from loading.
  • That is all!

How to Uninstall Microsoft Team in Windows 11

  • Open Windows Settings (Windows + I shortcut)
  • Navigate to Apps and then to Apps & Features.
  • Locate and click on the Micoroft Team, followed by the three-dot menu.
  • To uninstall Microsoft Team from your Windows 11 PC, select Unistall.
  • That is all!

You will no longer hear from the Microsoft Team. If you want to use Microsoft Team at any time, you can download it from the Windows Store. We’d love to hear your valuable opinion and feedback in the comment section below if you have any questions. Maintain an eye out for future updates on this topic.