Experimental Physics action game officially launched on Steam last month, and it brings a lot of mysterious enemies. The game has secrets and challenges, but some players have reported multiple crashes. Today, in this article, we will share some of the most common fixes you use to resolve.

BONELAB System Requirements

To run BONELAB on your system, you require 60-bit Processor and operating system. Not to mention, your system should have SSD and 32GB windows Virtual Memory cache to get the best performance.

OSWindows 10Windows 10
ProcessorIntel i5 7600 3.5ghz+Intel i7 9700k or higher, 3.6ghz+
Memory8 GB RAM16 GB RAM
DirectXVersion 11Version 11
NetworkBroadband Internet ConnectionBroadband Interent Connection
Storage20 GB available space20 GB available Space
Courtesy: Steam

Also, you can play this game using VR to explore game.

Allocate Virtual memory

Since using at least 32 Virtual Memory to get the best performance is recommended, you can use the following instructions.

  • Open Windows Settings (Windows + i), and head over to about from the system.
  • Click on the Advance system settings, and then go to the Advance tab.
  • Open Settings under Performance, and then Click on Advance Tab.
  • Click on Change settings for Virtual memory.
  • Uncheck the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers,” then click on the driver and choose a custom size to assign the new memory allocation based on your performance.

Note: Microsoft recommends 3x Ram or 4GB Ram to protect your system from instability.

Update your game

Developers acknowledge the issue and have rolled out the patch update. Check for updates; if there is any update, do the update and install it on your PC.

  • Open Steam, head over to Library.
  • Right-click on the BONELAB from the sidebar, and Choose the update option.
  • It takes some time; keeps patience while a game has been updated.

Update your Driver

You can use Driver Booster to update your PC’s driver to the latest version. Else you can use the Device Manager to Update your GPU Driver and others.

  • Search for Device Manager, and then expand the Display adaptors.
  • Right-click on the GPU hardware, and then Click on Update Driver.
  • After that, Select Search automatically for drivers. 
  • It takes some time to process, and once it finds a suitable driver, it will automatically start downloading and installing it on your PC.
  • Once it finishes, Restart your PC.

Update your Window

Check your Windows update from the Windows Settings, Search for the Windows Update on Windows Search, and Click on Check for the update. If there is any available update, Click on Download and Install. Keep patience while your Windows has been updating; that’s it!


Discord Discord Overlay

  • Open Discord, and click on the Settings (Small gear) placed on the bottom near your profile icon.
  • From the sidebar, Click on the Game Overlay icon and then Go to Game Overlay.
  • Toggle to disable the “Game Overlay.”

Disable Xbox Game Bar

  • Open Windows Setting (Windows + I), and head over to Gaming from the left-side panel.
  • Click on the Xbox Game Bar, and then Toggle to disable the “Open Xbox Game Bar using this utton on Controller.”
  • That’s it!

Disable Nvidia Overlay

  • Open NVIDIA GeForce Experience and head over to Settings appear on the top beside your profile.
  • There under the feature, you will find the In-game overlay.
  • Toggle to disable the In-game overlay.

Loading Error

Unfortunately, some players encountered the issue with the game Stress Level Zero; Developers of the game acknowledged the issue and suggested it as an initial error. This issue is to be fixed, and you are likely using the OpenXR on Windows Mixed Reality or Oculus headset.

  • Starting, Connect your Headset with your PC
  • Open StreaVR, and then head over to SteamVR Settings.
  • Click on Set SteamVR as OpenXR Runtime, and appear under Developer.
  • That’s it!

However, Oculus players can use a PC to enable virtual desktops. In the case of Quest 2, you need to tweak settings and ensure your QuestOS is up to date. You need to try.

Note: Ensure that it runs through SteamVR before continuing, If not, do check the Developer Tab and check the checkbox for the OpenXR runtime