Apple has a simple and secure payment gateway called Apple Pay. It allows you to pay for any associated premium services or products. Initially, it offered to add cards, but presently the users cannot add cards. So, Apple users are inquiring over the web and looking for the best fix to solve it.

However, Apple developers are figuring out the cause behind the add card issue. But, For ease, we have researched and found some possible fixes for it. Although These are not guaranteed fixes until the official solution, we can at least try. So, here we will let you know how to fix can’t add a card to Apple Pay.

How do I fix Can’t Add Card In Apple Pay

There could be numerous issues behind the can’t add a card to your Apple Pay. For this reason, we cannot consider any particular fix for the issue. But, concerning several studies, we have gathered some resources. We have found common reasons for enforcing the can’t add card issue on such resources. So, let’s take a look below and start fixing it.

Ensure Internet Connectivity

Apple Pay requires internet connectivity for transaction purposes and card details. While adding a card to Apple Pay, ensure you have internet connectivity. If you do not consider this fix, the can’t add card issue will always arise on your Apple Pay account.

Remove other Cards

It might be possible that the card listing on your Apple Pay might get full. As a result, You are facing a can’t add card issue. You need to remove the unwanted card listing from your Apple Pay. By doing so, You will be able to get your wanted card with your Apple Pay Account, and the issue will resolve.

Restart Your iPhone

You can also try restarting your iPhone. Because Sometimes, your phone cannot process your commands. In such a case, you can restart your iPhone and offer a fresh start to your phone. The phone will start functioning for adding cards, and the issue will be easily fixed.

Check Apple Pay Status

It might be possible that Apple Pay has its server down. In such a case, you cannot pay any amount. Also, you cannot add any card to it. You need to check the Apple Pay Official server status through its social media handles or another official medium.

Besides that, if any user faces the same issue with Apple Pay. Then, we recommend you to contact Apple support and go ahead with the proven solution for can’t add a card in Apple Pay. Apart from that, if any user has queries about the given article, feel free to ask them in the comment below.