It was quite easy to recover any file on Windows or Mac, but on Android devices, it wasn’t easy to recover any deleted file including text message. Meanwhile, some application live Gmail have trash and computer has recycled them to recover any file. Unfortunately, Android does not have any such feature to recover SMS from your smartphone that has been deleted and not being accessible for the user.
Therefore those SMS has not been deleted until some file has been overwriting that space or replace with any data. It was simple to understand that space has been left from the user and but not from there operating system. Today we are going to share a little bit of knowledge with you so you can also recover deleted text message on Android device using this simple and quick guide.

dir="auto">How to recover deleted text message on Android

First things First your teddy provider having the copy of your deleted message but they were not going to share with you until there were some legal aspects involved in it. Not to mention care provider have been tracking you and your message that has sent to you as it did not end to end encryption so that sticker closer look to word alternative method to recover your text message on your device.

Recover deleted text message using Google drive

If you are a person who really cares about his daughter and won’t take a complete backup of everything that you might also have enabled the Google drive backup and sync function. So late check out this sample of share and which might help you with a deleted message.
  1. First thing first open your Google drive and ensure that you have a sign in with your account that you have enabled the Google backup and sync functionality.
  2. Then, click on the hamburger menu placed on the upper left corner of your device and then select the backup.
  3. Now there you will find sure device backup along with another backup that you have enabled.
  4. Now head over to their message backup and select to recover (there is a few chances that your deleted message have been backup).
  5. Therefore simply follow the onscreen instructions to restore your message backup on your device. (It is recommended to use another device to restore the backup using Google drive sign-in option because it might create a conflict between your old message and then you message that has been recovered, so it also going to create duplicate files on your Google drive because of their Google backup and sync functionality.)
  6. That’s it, and you have now restore your old messages or deleted file simply check out for the deleted message.

Recover deleted text message using the third party application

Not to mention not everyone going to enable their that functionality on its device but it is possible that you can recover your deleted text file using data recovery application or software. Here we are going to share software that might help you with recovering your deleted text file.
  1. Starting with downloading the Android data recovery application on your PC and install it right away.
  2. Then enable the USB debugging from this setting.
  3. Then head over to the message option and then select next.
  4. Therefore the software itself going to install FonePaw application on your device and it will ask for a few permissions including reading your message simply allow it.
  5. Coming back to the Android data recovery software and then simply click on their scan Authorized file.
  6. That’s it, once it completes the scanning ritual show you your deleted message and also going to help you with restoring with the help of restore button.

How to you sure it does not happen again

Well humans aren’t perfect at all so it could happen anywhere anytime with anyone so you can see in short something so it would not happen next time such as you can take a backup using for enabling the backup and sync functionality with Google account or you can use a third-party application. Even more, nowadays, manufacture themselves include backup functionality to its custom operating system.
Hopefully, this article might help you with recovering your deleted text file of help you understanding in a better way.