Microsoft Windows is one of the mainstream operating systems around the globe, but at the same time, Android is one of the mainstream operating systems on the globe. Whereas, Apple comes with its close eco-system all together allowing the show the notification, Incoming calls, Photos, and text. Whereas, Microsoft adds the feature to their latest apps and services. This brings the same feature that was available on Apple’s Mac Desktop and Laptop to allow for a connected iPhone, iPod, and iPad device.

Your Windows and Android devices were able to connect and receive calls throughout the link app. Not to mention, it is quite a seamless experience to transfer the Phone and Pc altogether. Today we are going to share a little bit of knowledge to help you connect your Windows with your Android or iOS device using the Phone app.

What is Microsoft My Phone App?

This is an app-based service that allows you to connect your Android or iOS device to connect, where it works with the Windows 10 operating system and first showcased in 2018. It allows you to reply to text messages, Sync with Notification, and can wirelessly transfer photos. Even Screen Mirrorings is about to come soon.

Highlight Features of your Phone App

  1. You can make and receive calls from your Windows.
  2. Access your Android and iOS Notification on your PC.
  3. Able to access specific mobile apps on your PC and control using your keyboard, mouse, screen, and touch screen.
  4. Read and Reply text messages on your PC.
  5. Access wireless photos from your PC.


  • There was some pre-requirement before you can continue to make the call with the help of your Windows Desktop.
  • Your Desktop should be based on X64 or ARM-based.
  • This feature is available on Windows 10 Version 1803 or Higher.
  • Your device should be running on Android 7.0 or higher.

How you can make and receive calls on your Windows PC using the Phone App

use phone apps on my PC

  • Download and Install the Phone app on your PC and Phone

    • It is the first step before making the call from your Windows PC, and you have to download the Phone app application on both Android and PC from the Windows App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.
      Ihr Smartphone
      Ihr Smartphone
      Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
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    • Then, Sign up on the Phone app with the same Microsoft Account to sync your PC to your mobile.
      (Phone app will ask you for permission to access your Contact, Phone call Logs, Media, and text message. And also background running.)

  • Then Link your Smartphone and PC together.

    • Once you signed on PC and Mobile and they connect to the same Wi-Fi network using the Phone app.
    • In Case the dialogue box to select your device Android or iOS, then ensure you have singed account successfully.
    • After that, you have to choose “Allow” to verify your mobile to be connected with your Desktop.
    • That’s it. You have successfully set up the “Your Phone,” The “Call” appears on the left side panel, and there you will the Phone name and number with an Image.
    • Hold, It not over yet to make a call, you need to connect your phone with Desktop with the help of Bluetooth. Automatically connect doesn’t seem to work fine, which means you have to manually connect your device with Bluetooth.
  • Connect your Mobile with Desktop with Bluetooth

    • You have to enable the pairing mode on your Smartphone and then Start to connect with your Desktop.
      (You can enable the Bluetooth from the setting under “Bluetooth & Other Device.”)
    • Then, Click on the “Pair New Device” and choose “Add Bluetooth or another device,” then select the “Bluetooth.”
    • Now your Mobile and Desktop sharing the Same PIN, if not, then check out the Microsoft Troubleshooting.

  • That’s it,

    • You can now use the Phone app and make a call, but before that, you will receive a notification.
    • Where you have to give approval and request access to the call log, when you allow both, then you are okay to make a call from your Desktop.
  • How to make a Call from Your Phone.
    • On the left sidebar, the “Call” menu appears alongside the caller’s details.
      If you want to make a call, then on the right screen, you have a dialer.
    • Furthermore, you can also receive calls directly from the PC.
      (Ensure that your Audio output device is on and connected to your Desktop.)

Not to mention, It can’t replace your primary smartphone because there were some situations when you couldn’t make calls such as during Power issue, Connection doesn’t go too far distance.


The FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q. How can I view my Phone's recent call on Desktop?

You can view the recent call on your Calls section, where all your recent calls will appear. However, for the first time, it asks for your permission throughout the Your Phone appear to sync and view recent calls.

Q. How Many Recent Calls Appear in Your Phone App

You can view many recent calls, and you can view the past 2 Months calls (90 Days).

Q. How can I delete the recent calls?

Your phone app doesn’t allow you to detect recent calls from your PC and doesn’t allow you to manage them either.

Q. How to make Emergency calls.

You can make emergency calls from your phone apps and work as your National Rules, Law, and Regulation.

Q. How to mute a call on your Phone app.

There is a dedicated mute call that you can use on your smartphone but can’t mute from your Desktop.


Hopefully, you have successfully understood “How to make calls from your Desktop from your Phone App throughout your Android device.” We believe your time is worth this article, we would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If there is any Query, let us know in the comment section down below.