It allows users to access new APIs or hidden features of Windows 11 builds before they are released publicly through an open-source command-line utility called ViVeTool. This tool lets you force-enable or unlock hidden or controlled features by using some simple commands. Until these features are rolled out publicly, further testing is required. This utility, however, can be used to activate features such as Taskbar Search and Task Manager options in the taskbar context menu. In this Guide, we are Going to Share “How to use ViVeTool on Windows 11”

Available Commands in ViveTool

  • /enable: Enables a feature
  • /disable: Disables a feature
  • /reset: Removes custom configurations for a specific feature
  • /fullreset: Removes all custom feature configurations
  • /changestamp: Prints the feature store change counter (changestamp)*
  • /querysubs: Lists existing feature usage subscriptions*
  • /addsub: Adds a feature usage subscription
  • /delsub: Removes a feature usage subscription
  • /notifyusage: Fires a feature usage notification
  • /export: Exports custom feature configurations
  • /import: Imports custom feature configurations
  • /lkgstatus: Prints the current ‘Last Known Good’ rollback system status
  • /fixlkg: Fixes ‘Last Known Good’ rollback system corruption
  • /fixpriority: Moves Override type configurations from Service to User priority*
  • /appupdate: Checks for a new version of ViVeTool*
  • /dictupdate: Checks for a new version of the feature name dictionary

Feature IDs

Feature descriptionFeature IDMinimum Windows version
Tabs in File Explorer3763438521536
Tablet-optimized Taskbar2600883025197
Revamped Widgets UI4077249925227, 22623.746
New system tray3876404525211
Widgets settings menu3865291625217
Search bar in Task Manager3942042425231
Search bar on Desktop3796911525120
Animated navigation panel icons in Settings3487815225197
Modern “Open with” menu3630209025151, 22622.290

Here’s how to Enable Windows features using ViveTool

A command-line tool for manipulating features, ViVeTool is open-source. It uses a C# library called ViVe under the hood. The following steps will guide you through the process of testing any new Windows 11 feature:

  1. First Download the ViveTool from ViVeTool’s GitHub repository, you can download the latest version.
  2. After that archive can be extracted anywhere that is convenient for you.
  3. Now, Launch an Terminal (Run as Admin )shell window by pressing Windows + X on your keyboard. PowerShell is also an option if you like, or you can use plain old Command Prompt with elevated privileges if you prefer.
  4. Navigate to the extracted ViVeTool directory. When you have extracted ViveTool to c:\ViveTool,
  5. Now, type the Command in Command Prompt like this
    • cd C:\ViveTool
  6. After that, run the to Enable Features
    • vivetool /enable /id:xxx
      • From the table above, locate the feature ID corresponding to the feature you wish to enable.
  7. A successful feature configuration should appear in the console if everything goes well.
  8. Restart your computer after closing the console window.

The changes can be reverted if you change your mind and replace /enable with /disable in step 6.