If you are looking for a free online TV app, then Picasso can be a better choice as it is an Online Live TV Free Movies, Cricket guide app. It lets you watch Online Live TV Free Movies, a Cricket guide app Including Live TV Shows. Picasso is the only one with no cost among the different Online TV applications.

Unfortunately, Picasso’s application is not so popular, but it has good TV Shows, dramas and movie collections. Additionally, You can watch match highlights free of cost over it. Most users are unaware of its features and use it as a hidden application. For this reason, below, we are sharing basic details and parts of the Picasso App.

Why Should You Use Only Picasso App for Entertainment?

Picasso is a top online live TV application that allows you to watch different entertainment. With Picasso, you can watch free movies, live cricket streams, and more things on it. The best part is that it is available on Google Play Store to download and watch your desired movie or show.

However, numerous applications offer the same service as the Picasso app. But, Some Picasso app features may force you to choose it only from a long queue. Meanwhile, the Picasso app has its benefits and probably some downsides. So, To know what the Picasso App is worth, below are some features.

Free to use

The Picasso App is one of the Online TV services offered for free. We know that you can find many TV services with different shows and streaming genres. Those applications charge high monthly or yearly costs. So, In comparison to them, Picasso has an other place in such an Online TV applications queue.

Offers Complete Entertainment

Several Entertainment applications have a dedicated lineup of services. It includes only live TV or sometimes shows. We know it is not worth comparing it with Netflix. But, the Picasso app has mostly all the series and shows on Netflix. And such things make the Picasso app an undue advantage to the viewers.

Live Cricket Streaming

Earlier, There were numerous live cricket streaming applications available. But, most of them got banned due to personal reasons. Luckily, the Picasso app is one of the convenient services still offering live cricket guides and match streaming. Such a thing is a significant plus point for Picasso-like Applications.

High Video Quality

If you ever notice, many Live TV services have no option to switch video quality to a higher one. But with the Picasso app, you can switch to any quality, up to 4K, depending on Video’s initial quality. However, Some apps have similar features. But they are not free to use and have limited shows and TV movies. Meanwhile, the combination of Higher video quality with the above-given features made Picasso a must-try application.

How do I get the Picasso App on my device?

Developer: Streams Hub
Price: Free

Well, Picasso App is openly available on Google Play Store to download for free. However, if some user faces difficulties in terms of compatibility, then you can also switch to the Picasso apk file available on the top most apk serving websites. But, You will not find Picasso apps for iOS devices. So for such devices, you need to find another alternative.

You were conclusively, Concerning Picasso’s features and primary aim. You can understand the importance of the Picasso app for entertainment enthusiasts. Also, You will get to know the path from where to download such an app. We have even covered significant topics relating to Picasso. If you still want to know more, then ask them in the below section.