WhatsApp is the Software which is finally owned by Facebook. WhatsApp was initially released on 3rd May 2009. This allows their users to send text/voice/video messages in a single tap. Nowadays, WhatsApp plays a very vital role in everyone’s life because it helps in connecting the people on a single platform from different countries. WhatsApp is the only app which consists of the significant essential features on a single platform due to this, WhatsApp Gains many users.

So, if you guys are here, then you may want to know about WhatsApp and all the latest updates related to WhatsApp. So, today we will teach you about the “New search feature of WhatsApp”.


  • Use the Given steps carefully and perform them according to the steps.
  • Do not misuse any other person’s WhatsApp account.
  • Identify fake news and do not spread it to others.

Latest Updates Given by WhatsApp areas –

• Dark mode

The dark mode is one of the best updates because it helps to use WhatsApp in the night and Do not do any harm to your eyes. So, it is an essential thing as you all know many of the items are established on WhatsApp, which incurred more use of WhatsApp for which dark mode is necessary.

• Search option with Category

WhatsApp allows with a new update that we can now search from our chats with different Category like photos, videos, links and GIFs. And it also results in searching for different types of messages. It allows their users to compare the different types of messages like which news is fake or which is real.

How does WhatsApp New Search feature work?

As you all know WhatsApp already has a Search feature which allows you to search for specific keywords from the chats you have typed, but now WhatsApp has introduced a new update in which you get the Dark mode and Search advance feature in which it allows you to search for specific keywords in terms of photos, GIFs, videos, Links. It works as when you search for a particular keyword; it gives you result with the help of your chats and also helps to know about which information is fake or which is Real.

How to search for photos, videos, GIFs, using WhatsApp’s new Advanced Search feature?

To get the benefit of the new search feature of WhatsApp you need to follow the given steps below –
  1. First, open your play store.
  2. Then, search for WhatsApp.
  3. Click on Update—accept.
  4. After it, open, you’re WhatsApp.
  5. Click on the Search bar at the top of the chat screen.
  6. Search for a specific keyword which will result in Category of photos, videos, links and GIFs.
  7. Hence, you will get the benefit of the new search feature of WhatsApp.

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Hopefully, we assume that this article remains informative for you, and you have successfully learned about the “How to Use New Search” feature on WhatsApp. Thanks for being with us and sharing your more valuable feedback and opinion. If any query let us know in the comments section down below.