OpenAI is an advanced artificial intelligence company that has recently released ChatGPT. It has garnered a lot of attention in recent months, and companies like Microsoft have invested in and are using its capabilities to improve their apps and services. ChatGPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) is a powerful advanced model trained on a large module and available in 26 different languages.

While ChatGPT is available for free, the latest version, ChatGPT 4, is not. Instead, you have to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. In this article, we will be sharing how you can access the advanced GPT-4 language model for free. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

OpenAI ChatGPT-4 for Free

There are various ways and reasons to use GPT-4 for free. Third-party services use OpenAI’s technology. Here is a guide mentioned below.

Hugging Face

It is completely free to use. HuggingFace is developed by Yuvraj Sharma using ChatGPT 4. You don’t need to submit your OpenAI key, and it also has a massive community. However, it has a token limit of 4096. At this time, OpenAI hasn’t officially released the 8K or 32K token, and it takes some time before you receive your answer for your submitted queries. Check out the following instructions mentioned below.

  • Open HuggingFace ChatGPT 4 on your browser.
  • Enter your search queries and then click on run to begin the search. It might take some time to get your response.

Note: If you don’t want to wait longer, then you can copy the project and use it with your API key. For this, check out the following instructions mentioned below. For this, you might need to have credit to use the latest API.

  • Head over to GPT4 with ChatCompletions API + Gradio-sTREAMIng page.
  • Click on Duplicate to create a duplicate-space.
  • In the arte, you have to change the visibility to Public and then click on Duplicate Space.
  • Head over to the Settings page and then scroll down to find the Repository Secret.
  • Click on New Secret. Enter your OpenAI API key, which you can get from here.
  • Click on APP, and that’s it. It will not take much longer to give you a response.
  • With these instructions, you can try GPT-4 without the ChatGPT Plus subscription.


Microsoft’s Bing is another way to use the latest model, GPT-4, with additional features. Bing has already been one of the most popular AIs among its competitors. To use the AI-powered search engine in conversation format, you can also use Generative AI to create images, and it is possible to access Bing on any browser. For this, you can read the guide here.

  • Visit Bing on your browser. It is preferable to use Bing, and for other browsers, here is the guide. You also need to have access to Bing AI.
  • To join the waitlist, check here, or you can download and install this browser (Bing Chat For all Browser) to use Bing on any browser.
  • From there, you can continue using the GPT-4 based Bing Chat on your browser.

So, this is how you can have access to the GPT-4 model for free without having to subscribe to GPT-Plus subscriptions. Hopefully, this guide is helpful to you and you have learned about ChatGPT-4 on your browser. Thank you for being with us. Hopefully, this guide is helpful to you, and you have successfully been able to use ChatGPT V4. Share your valuable opinion and feedback in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more