Realme has announced their Realme UI 2.0 last year based on Android 11, Whereas it brings a lot of customization features. In which, Always-On display feature was one of those things that offer a customizable feel and look into the smartphone.

What is AOD (Always-On Display)

This is one of the cool features of AMOLED smartphone, Where it features a Screen-off display allowing smartphone lock screen in which it shows the stats of show-time, date, battery, status, notifications, and more. Always-On display doesn’t come in all smartphones, instead, it was an exclusive AMOLED display device.

How to enable and customize revamped Always-On Display

It comes with alow of different options to customize the Always-On display. It includes and offers various styles, icons, shapes, and much more. Follow

the following instruction which allows to turn on/off the Always-On display.

Enable Colorful Always-On Display

As we have mentioned, this doesn’t come in all smartphones instead it is an AMOLED device the only feature that offers a colourful text and clock style alongside 3D Text and clock design. Although, Realme UI 2.0 is currently in progress and it going to take some time to reach your device.

Steps to turn on/off Always-On Display

  • Open your device settings.
  • Head over to the personalization.
  • Now, Click on the Always-On Display
  • That’s it.

or turn on an always-on display in Realme UI?

  • Open your device settings.
  • After that, tap on Lock Screen & Always-on Display.
  • Then click on Always-On Display.
  • That’s it.

How to use Always-On Display

It only appears after 15 sec of screen off, also you can scheduled time accordingly or use invisible screen time.

  • Once you are on Always-On Display and then select Power Saving.
  • In which you can customize the Text, images, Clock Style, or can create your own style.

How to use customized Always-On Display Pattern style

  • On the Always-on Display page, Click on the + icon placed on the top-right corner of the device.
  • Then there you have multiple options for customizing patterns, Text Only, and Text and Display.

    Custom Patterns

    • Select colours, paintbrush, or shape placed at the bottom.
    • Use your finger on screen-based accordingly.

    Text Only

    • Enter Text and then choose Text Color, Alignments, Text Size, Text Weight, Character Spacing, Line Spacing.
    • After that,  add more elements to AOD such as Time, Battery, Notifications.

    Text and Image

    • Select Image from the gallery and then use ext Only to write any text.
    • Then, Choose Text Location and set based Upper, Center, or Bottom.
    • Once you have done, Use Customize select image to blur and rounded corner.

How to add Clock Style on Always-On Display

  • On the Always-On Display image and then swipe-up to head over Analog Clock or Digital clock.
  • It will show the time accordingly.

What’s New in Revamped Always-On Display

This is the upgraded Always-On Display based on Realme UI 2.0, through which users allow to customized Text and Images, Analog Clock & Digital clocks.

  • Text Color
  • Text Size
  • Text Weight
  • Alignment
  • Character Spacing
  • Line Spacing
  • Image Blur
  • Rounded Corners
  • Info to show (Time, Date, Battery, Notifications

Hopefully, this gonna helps you a lot and allow you to customized the Always-On Display feature on your device. Thanks for being with us, We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.