Updates to Samsung’s software are released periodically. Your device becomes more secure and features new features as a result of software updates. Before updating the software, Samsung Galaxy smartphone recommends Backup any important data.

Update your software

  1. First, Go to Settings.
  2. After that, Scroll down and tap Software update.
  3. Tap Download and install.

You will see the latest update information if your software is already up-to-date. 

How to Use Samsung Firmware Downloader

Its technique is as easy to use as other firmware downloaders. The methods below might be helpful if this is your first time utilising a firmware downloading.

Download Samsung Firmware Tool

Note: To find the CSC code, you may alternatively utilise the secret Samsung-specific Android code *#1234#. You can still see the active CSC code even after starting the stock recovery.

Samsung Firmware Downloader

  1. To update your device’s firmware, download the Samsung firmware downloader. Using your PC or an Android device, extract the zip file.
  2. Go to your device’s firmware downloader and click it open.
  3. The tool will include three components (Downloader, Decrypter, History).
  4. Access the downloader area, type in the model and region of your device, and then select “check for update.” Choose Manual from the options if you wish to search for a specific firmware version. Google is a good resource for finding the firmware version.
  5. The download will begin when you select the Download button after seeing the firmware.
  6. Any firmware may be decrypted by loading it with Decrypter after switching to that mode.
  7. Decrypting the file and giving it to you will take some time.
  8. Just like that, everything is done.

Alternatively, you can use the Frija Tool to Download the Samsung Firmware for your Device.

How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Sideloading through recovery: Using Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

  • Make sure ADB has installed in the most recent version.
  • Update.zip should be given to the downloaded.bin package.
  • Rebooting now into recovery mode. You may use the volume buttons to scroll down and the Power button to choose an entry inside the default recovery environment.
  • Using a functional USB cord, connect the phone to the PC and choose to install an update through ADB.
  • Run the following command in the Command Prompt or Terminal window:
  • adb devices
  • Check to see if your device will found and the daemon has started. Run the following command:
  • adb sideload PATH_TO_update.zip
  • You should see a percentage count as the update process begins. After the process is complete, the phone will reboot itself, update the apps, and log into your home screen.

Sideloading through recovery: Using an SD card

  • The downloaded .bin package should exist renamed to update.zip and copied to the root directory of your SD card.
  • You can now reboot to recovery mode, navigate to the option apply update from external storage, and select it by pressing the Power button.
  • Similarly, select update.zip.
  • You will be prompted to start the update. Please wait until the process is complete, as it takes some time.
  • The phone will automatically reboot and load the new firmware.

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