How to Unlock Windows Laptop with Mi Band series, including Mi Band 4 Xiaomi, is one of the most popular variable manufacturing companies. Show me have the latest MI band 4 offerings for the band. Haircut offers a lot of new features, such as unlocking the device with the help of the Mi band directly. However, it is quite simple to unlock your smartphone with the help of the Mi fit companion app using the MI band, but it is also capable of unlocking the Windows laptop and computer as well. Today we are going to help you with how you can open a Windows laptop with MI band.

How to unlock Windows laptop with MI band 3 and MI band 4

First thing first, you need to install the latest version of the MI fit app on your Android or iOS device, including you should update to the latest firmware version 2.4.0. 32 or above. There might be some country destruction depending upon your country.

  1. Starting with downloading and installing the MI fit app on your smartphone, then set up your profile.
  2. Head over to the setting page, and then simply, you have to enable the MI notebook option that you will find inside the setting under the lab menu.
  3. After that, you need to download and install the MI please unlock application on your Windows that you can directly find from the Microsoft store.
  4. Therefore open the setting and set up the time and language alongside region on your Windows device based on your part.
  5. If your country has a reflection, then you can simply select the country India or China depending upon your preference.
  6. Moreover, once you have finished with the settings, you can simply enable the MI, please unlock option by launching to mi blaze unlock. (Noteworthy’ once you have enabled the feature you can simply reconfigure your country or region because it would not affect after successfully in a building the unlock).
  7. Now you have to enter the pin to complete the setup.
  8. Notably, it will go to pair with the help of Bluetooth, and you need to you always on your Bluetooth to use this feature.
  9. Once you have enabled this, you can simply use it right away to unlock your device directly from MI band 4.

Therefore you have complete setup to your MI band 4 unlocking feature on your device. It is 10 permitting your MI fit companion app and then later provide permission to word the windows device make it worth to unlock the device with Bluetooth connectivity.

Hopefully, we believe that you have successfully enabled this feature on your device, thanks for being with us we would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more for the updates in the future on the same.