Call of Duty warfare has recently updated and start receiving a later camo called obsidian. It’s quite amazing and feeling having one of the most difficult mission to get the camo to the players. You can’t buy it. Instead, you have to earn it means you have to unlock the gold let’s take a closer look forward it and know more about it how you can go to unlock the obsidian gold camo in Call of Duty warfare.

How you can get the Obsidian Camo in Call of Duty Modern Warfare


worth to unlock the camp record it having an elegant skin with a finish of all black. Not to mention it is fine that history in competitive games. But don’t think that the skin is going to make your gun upgradable compared to your opponent. It’s a skin for the weather that you have found on the battlefield of Call of Duty Modern warfare. Today we are going yo teach you how you can unlock the obsidian camo.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

As simple as that you have to play the games and reaches a certain level to the game that will help you unlock the golden Obsidian camo, obviously it is not there but a legendary skin to get. How many words you have to play the game in the multiplayer or Says TDM (Team Death Match) and have to complete the challenges to gain the points. The further you are going to play and continuously unlocking the different pattern of the camouflage of the weapons.

Therefore what are you have completed all the ten challenges that are necessary for the camo you will receive the in that you can claim from the message inbox of the game. Then you can directly go to your loadout and apply or equipped the camo for the weapon. Chicken also skip the challenge and 2 games more other golden and platinum chemical laws for the weapon.

Furthermore, the mission and the game are not going to easy because of the ongoing Call of Duty Championship 2020, especially that player for practising in the multiplayer mode for a long time. This is why this legendary skin has been placed as an effort to complete all the 10 that were listed players for pushing hard.

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