Activision’s Call of Duty is one of the most popular multiplayer games across the globe, and it officially comes with controller support. Which means playing games on emulators using a gamepad, keyboard, or mouse shouldn’t be a problem. However, Call of Duty players have been reported to have 10-year bans on Emualtor and VPN users.

According to reports, developers confirmed the ban and shared unbranded emulators, which are not officially supported. Recently, they have been collecting user-feedback for the use of controllers in Call of Duty Mobile on Discord using this forum.

Anti-Cheat System in Call of Duty

Activision introduced their improved anti-cheat system. Check out the following reasons for the account ban.

How to Fix Players Getting Banned in Call of Duty: Mobile on BlueStacks

  • Don’t Use 3rd Party Apps: You are not allowed to use apps that tweak the applications or that enable the docking of keyboard and mouse.
  • Unbranded Emulators: It is recommended to use trusted and well-known emulators.
  • No Cheats/Hacks: It is advised not to use hacks, game scrips, or any tools that modify the game files.

In order to offer a fair experience in the game, they have been making efforts to ban users using these types of modifications. It is quite common across similar games. We have seen more reports about players gaining unfair advantages.

Additionally, Call of Duty Moderators said “for a long time.”

Users may or may not face a ban depending on changes in the activation policies at the developers’ end. However, we still suggest users make sure that they are not using a VPN on their machine. Do not use the same CoD account that you use to play on your phone or any other device.However, it is totally based on changes implemented by the developers’ end and users rarely face this issue. ”

  • Controllers for Call of Duty Mobile Support and Supported Trusted Emulators
  • Activision offers fair gameplay for mobile and emulation. Emulation players can’t match with mobile players as long as mobile players invite emulation players. If your team has both mobile and emulators, you will play with a team that has both mobile and emulators.
  • Activision has the same policy to ban players on all devices and all emulators.
  • Activision acknowledges that their auto-ban system does ban players mistakenly.
  • They never communicate the reason for banning users.

Fix: Received a ban in Call of Duty: Mobile on BlueStacks

Getting a ban for playing Call of Duty Mobile is at the discretion of Activision, not BlueStakcs. So without further ado, let’s check it out.

How to Fix Players Getting Banned in Call of Duty: Mobile on BlueStacks

BlueStacks 5

Here’s how you can do it.

  • Open the Windows Run Dialog Box, using Windows + R, and then type “%temp%”.
  • Hit enter, and it will open the temp window. Delete all the files that appear in the temp windows.
  • After that, use the BlueStacks Clearner to completely remove Bluestacks from your computer.
    DOWNLOAD: BlueStacks 4 Nougat 32-Bit UninstallerDOWNLOAD: BlueStakcs Remover Tool for BlueStakcs 4 and BlueStacks 5
  • Double-Click to run the Cleaner Tool, and grant UAC (User-Account-Control) to start uninstalling BueStacks 5.
  • Once it completed the unistallation, it would prompt “Promopt Has been finished.” Click OK to finish.

Reinstall BlueStacks 5 (Reinstall BlueStacks on your PC)

BlueStacks 5 is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

  • Download the BlueStacks Installer from the BlueStacks Official Website.
  • Double-Click on it to begin installing BlueStacks. During installation, it is recommended to disable real-time monitoring of Windows Defender by Navigating to Windows Search > Search for Windows Security > Virus & threat Protection > Manage Settings > Real-time protection > toggle to disable.
  • It will automatically finish the installation of BlueStacks 5. Once it is finished, you can start downloading Call of Duty: Mobile.

Download Call of Duty: Mobile from the Google Play Store.

Don’t sideload CoD Mobile on BlueStakcs, it does support UHD Graphics in CoD Mobile.

  • Open the Google Play Store; you will find the Play Store on the homepage of BlueStacks 5.
  • To gain access, you must first sign in with your Google Account.
  • In the Play Store, search for “Call of Duty: Mobile” and then click on the “Install” button.
  • Once it finishes the installation, open the game and login with a different CoD account that was banned and hit Play to check.

Hopefully, this article remains helpful for you and you will be able to successfully play Call of Duty Mobile on Bluestacks without being banned. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If there is any query, share it with us in the comment sections down below.