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How to take Screenshot in window 10, Simple Ways to Take a Screenshot

How to take Screenshot in window 10, Simple Ways to Take a Screenshot

Windows latest Operating System Window’ s 10 From Microsoft for Laptops and Desktops. Take A Screen Special features for Windows. You Easily Take Screenshots in Window 10 in Simple Steps. The screenshot is Known As, Screen-grab and Screen capture.

How to Take ScreenShot Full  Screen in Window 10

There are two methods to Take Full-Screen Screenshot Follow These Steps.

  1. Press “Windows key + PrtScn” or Window Key + fn + PrtScn” (For Laptops.)
  2. Now go to the Picture’s library on your computer (Press “window key + E” and click Picture folder)
  3. Open the Screenshots folder.

  • You Can Easily Take Screenshot Press “Print Screen Key” and Open the Print then Paste the Screenshot, and Final Step Save the Screenshot on preference Location.


How to Take a Screenshot of Current Window

If you are Take the Screenshot Current Window tab or an Apps

  1. Click on the app if you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Press “Alt + Print Screen.”
  3. Open MS Paint.
  4. Then “Paste” on the Paint (Shortcut: Press ctrl + v.)
  5. Step Save the Screenshot on preference Location

How to Take ScreenShot Specific Part (Selected Part) in Window 10

Using the Snipping Tool

  1. Open “Snipping Tools” (open the Start Menu and easily search Snipping Tool and then Open.)
  2. Click the New Button.”
  3. Then, select the Rectangular Snip” or “Free-form Snip.”
  4. The Last Step: Save the Screenshot on preference Location



You Can Easily Take Screenshot Press “Window KEY + Shift + S” and Select the Rectangular Snip or Free-form Snip, Dialogue Box appears on the Right bottom Side on the Display and then Click on it. Lastly, the Second Dialogue box Appears on the Screen and Saves the Screenshot on preference Location

Note: You can Edit the Post Before Save it in both Steps.

How to Take ScreenShot Via Using the Game Bar on Windows 10

  1. Firstly Press “Windows key + G” in Windows 10.
  2. Click the Camera button to take a screenshot.

Also, You can take a Direct Screenshot without opening the Game Bar and press the “Windows + Alt + Print Screen.” You’ll see a notification click on the Notification and Automatically open the Saved Folder.

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