Among the different Online payments apps, the top-end app showing quality service with the utmost trust is Google Pay. Being a Google product no doubt we are in a safe place, but also the service Google Pay provides is worthwhile. Whether you see the app navigation or the way they alert the user both are dedicated to Applause. That’s why Google Pay has millions of active customers

Google Pay has plenty of features like Paying for transit, earning rewards on eligible transactions and many more. Among them, they have a feature that allows you to share expenses. It is majorly needed when a group of people share a common expense on a contribution basis. So that, this feature helps to split the bill for individual users of that group. But the sad thing is people don’t know how to do it. For that, we will guide you here.

How to split a bill on Google Pay

Consider a situation where you and your friend have decided to pay individually for a party. Nevertheless, paying individual contributions to the same merchant does not seem feasible. To address such situations, Google Pay introduced a nifty feature called split bills. The purpose of this is to create a group of people with whom you can hang out.

As a result, when you pay the entire bill on behalf of all group members, you can split and share that bill with them as an individual contribution. Meanwhile, you need to create a group of people and split that bill between those members. But I know you don’t know how to do it. Below you will find some instructions on how to split a Google Pay bill.

Note: Here we are assuming you are paying the total expense on behalf of the Whole Group.

  • Open the Google Pay App.
  •  Tap on New payment option >> New Group.
  •  Choose the members with whom you want to split the bill and tap next.
  •  Name the Group and hit the save button to enter that Group.
  •  At the bottom, tap on Split an expense.
  •  Now enter the total amount you would like to split and tap next >> done.
  •  After that, tap on Send request.
  •  That’s it. Your request will be shown in the group along with the status of the members who have paid.

Additionally, when all members have paid the expense amount, you can delete the group that was created previously. It is as simple as setting up the group. But for better clarity below we are sharing a few steps to help you to delete a group in Google Pay.

  • Open the Google Pay App.
  •  Head over to the Groups section and join the group you created above.
  •  Tap on that group’s name and remove all the members by selecting the option next to each member’s name.
  •  Once it is done, tap on Leave Group and confirm your action.
  •  That’s it, you are done.

To conclude with this short and simple guide, you can split any expense easily. Additionally, you have multiple options for sharing those expenses with your friends, family members, or others. Now I hope you have a better understanding of how to manage Google Pay Expenses in a structured manner. Even after such disclosure, if any users still have any questions, they can ask them all below.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q1. How to permanently end your Google payments service?

Ans. To delete Google Payments Service follow the: Go to >> privacy & personalization >> delete your data >> delete a service >> Google Pay >> Delete >> Follow on-screen instructions.

Q2. What are the other options available for Split bills except for Google Pay?

Ans. You can use “Splitwise” and “Settle Up”.

Q3. Is Google Pay charge any amount for Bill Split?

Ans. No, You don’t need to pay any amount for this feature.

Q4. What is the calculation to split the bill?

Ans. It divides the total bill amount by the number of members.