Today, Google is running Android 13, but in 2020, they will release Android 11. Developers added a variety of improvements, features, and additions. The double-tap gesture is one that everyone appreciates. Google first developed the double-tap feature for the Pixel 3, 3L, 4, and 4L, but it was so effective that people got used to it.

Additionally, Google expanded the double-tap concept on DP2 but later removed it. Due to this, many Android users who had the double-tap feature missed it a lot. Unfortunately, Google has not acknowledged the issue, but it is now possible to use it thanks to an open-source app called “Tap, Tap.” That way, you don’t need to wait for Google. So, let’s take a look below and learn about it.

How to Get Android 11’s Double-Tap Gesture on Any Android Device

Starting with a short introduction, the Double Tap gesture is a feature that lets users play music, open the camera, or perform any other task by tapping twice on the phone’s back. I know it’s a cool feature, but getting it on every Android phone is a puzzle. However, it was the open-source app Tap, Tap that made it possible to have gestures on every Android device.

Before getting into the double tap, let’s take a look at the basics of “tap, tap.” It is an open-source app that helps you make the double-tap gesture more powerful. It allows you to adjust the settings specifically, and people can customise the double-tap gesture to do other things like taking screenshots, enabling flashlights, and similar actions.

Currently, Tap, Tap features more than 50 actions that you can do on your Android device. Among these actions, the tap-to-snap feature and tasker support are special features. However, as it requires third-party support, you will not find Tap, Tap on the Google Play Store. You need to download the apk file instead. So, to download and instal Tap, Tap on your phone, follow the steps below. 

Note: Tap, Tap will work on devices with Android 7.0 or above. Therefore, you should ensure that your Android device is above that version.

  • Tap. Tap apk can be downloaded from here.
  • Navigate to the phone’s settings and enable the option to install apps from unknown sources.
  • Now, locate the downloaded Tap, Tap apk file, and install it.
  • Once it finishes, launch the Tap, Tap app, and enable the accessibility function.
  • Under Accessibility, select the gesture type, including gates (an option that blocks double-tap gestures in particular conditions).
  • That’s it; you are now ready to enjoy the double-tap gesture on your phone.

When you do so, your phone can respond to a double tap on the back. You can add gates (which block certain gestures under certain conditions) or customize them with more features. You can do this using the Double Tap feature on Tap, Tap. If you want to experience a triple-tap gesture, click on the triple-tap option found beneath the double-tap option. In the same way, you can use a double-tap or triple-tap gesture on your phone’s back.

Furthermore, if someone wishes to revisit a previous experience, it may be possible if you disable back tap gestures on your device. While downloading and setting up the Tap, Tap app, we enabled the gesture option. To disable it, tap on it to turn it off. So, you can use the double-tap gesture on any Android device. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below, even though we have explained everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I enable double tapping on Android 11?

Ans. The double-tap gesture can be turned on from Settings >> Gestures and Motions. With the above guide, you can use Android 11’s back gesture.

Q2. How do I enable back-tap gestures on any Android smartphone?

Ans. Just refer to the above guide.

Q3. How do you get the double-tap feature?

Ans. You can find it in your phone’s accessibility settings.

Q4. How do I turn on custom gestures?

Ans. Add custom gestures using Tap, Tap, as mentioned above.