There are numerous gaming titles available in exclusive visual quality on PS5. But, a major of Players
have noticed to get under optimized quality on the same. However, it can be a glitch from that particular
gaming title. But, you can get away from that type of Under-quality experience via optimizing your PS5

Moreover, it is very difficult to explain the optimization settings for PS5. For that purpose, we will
elaborate you the optimization settings with reference to Ghostwire: Tokyo. As a result, You will easily
understand the initials and apply yourself. Meanwhile, Today we will share with you How to Optimize
Settings on PS5.

How to Optimize Settings on PS5

If you are a Ghostwire: Tokyo user then you know that it features enhanced visuals on the PS5 version.
But, some players have found that this mainly occurs due to Input lag or visuals not appearing its
deserving visual quality. For reference to that, we have researched and analyzed the whole concern. So,
below we are stating some optimization settings that top-up your PS5 experience.

Set “Enable 120Hz Output” to Automatic

This is a dedicated option located under your PS5 settings. This option avails you to get 120Hz output
while playing. However, this option has some options such as setting up it to manual or Automatic. If
your settings it manually then it will provide you the output that you have mentioned in it. On the other
hand, if you set it to Automatic then it works and provides visual quality based on your device support.
So, we recommend you to have “Enable 120Hz Output to Automatic”.

Choose Graphics as per your display ability

It does not matter you play on high quality or low one because the PS5 mainly plays with an additional
display whether a TV or any PC monitor. Likewise, Every game has the ability and efficiency to deliver
visual quality. But, In case to optimize PS5 settings users always think to play games up to their display
capacity. Meanwhile, if you are playing any game that supports 4k but your display supports only 1080p
then we recommend you to play up to your display capacity.

Apart from two basic notable factors, Performance mode plays a vital role in mainly PS5. As this is the
only which developers avail to deliver an optimized gaming experience. However, few games have high
visual ability such as COD. In that case, you need to adjust according to a particular gaming title. But, Yes
with set to the above factors Ghostwire: Tokyo input lag will also be optimized and overall more
enhanced experience.

Hopefully, we can now expect that you all guys have Accurate content about How to Optimize Settings
on PS5. And, also well-known about the additional details concerning the same subject. With Regards to
this, If any user has any queries share them with us in the comment section down below.