If you have a good collection of Pictures in your Google Photos App, it could be a good chance to convert your Ordinary Android Phone into a Digital Picture Frame. However, there are various digital frames already available in the market. But, To have a customized Digital Frame without incurring any cost, Android Phones Could be a better option.

Every Smartphone has a Called Screensaver feature that lets you get a complete overview of various exclusive effects. Among them, Using your Google Photos Picture Collection to make your phone into a Digital Frame would be an efficient use, especially while Charging. So, Without any further ado, let’s move on to the below steps to get detailed about the same.

How to Make your Android phone into a digital picture frame

Android Phones are mainly dedicated to users who want Hardcore customization of their devices. Among them, A significant customization getting popularized is changing your regular Android phone into a Digital Picture Frame. However, This customization will work perfectly with devices having Wireless charging Support. But, Users who have wired charging can also try.

If you ever remember, the Samsung device initially comes with a “Screen Saver” feature that offers exclusive effects while your phone gets Standby mode. But, now, the same quality is debuting on various smartphones such as Motorola, Pixel, and many others. Additionally, the Screen Saver feature now allows you to choose your Google photos Collection for displaying with maximum effect while getting charged.

So, concerning this Screen Saver feature here, we will help you to show how you can turn your Android device into a Digital Picture Frame. For better understanding, below, we have mentioned a few steps that Guide you to Turn your Android phone into Digital Picture Frame.

Note: We have used the Simple Navigation primarily found in every device. But, In case you don’t see so, then Search Screen Saver and follow Steps from 4 to 8.

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and Look for Display.
  3. Under Display, Tap on Advanced and Choose Screen Saver.
  4. Tap Current Screen Saver and Select the Google Photos icon.
  5. As a result, You will be directed to the main screen saver menu page. 
  6. Tap the Gear icon beside Current Screen Saver.
  7. Now, Do the checkmarks that you want in your Screensaver.
  8. Back to the main menu page and Tap on When to Start.
  9. That’s it; You’re done.

Furthermore, While Going with the above steps, Your Android Phone will turn into a Digital Picture Frame. However, the issue comes as the ScreenSaver shows the first picture to the Album Settings. As a result, Some Users want images to be shown in that Screen Saver. In that case, We recommend you to use Auto Update Album that frequently Updates

Screen Saver with new photos. For doing so, you can refer to the below-mentioned steps.
  1. Firstly, Launch Google Photos App.
  2. Tap on Library Tab and Select Plus Sign to create a new album.
  3. Dedicate a name to your new album and Tap Select People & Pets.
  4. Now, Choose your desired images to be in a screen saver.
  5. That’s it; Your Digital Picture Frame will show images per your manner.

Wrapping Up with that note, You have successfully turned your ordinary Android phone into a fully Digital Picture Frame. Along with that, the Issue of Repetitive pictures showing in picture frames is also now solved. However, if any user has a query with the same can comment down in the below-mentioned section.