After Microsoft launched their creative tool for users to access, Adobe also launched its AI art generation tool called FireFly. This seems quite identical to DALL-E and Mid-Journey, where it allows creators to use it to create extraordinary creative content with simple prompts. However, like other platforms, it’s under development and has limited access as of now. It offers text-to-image and text-effect capabilities.

How to get started with Adobe Creative AI Model, Firefly

Adobe said they are working on more things which will be launched later as part of a beta program, which you can learn about here.

What is Adobe Firefly AI Art Generator?

This is an AI art generator tool like other popular image generator tools. It uses a generative AI model that includes text-to-image and text-effect capabilities. The company said they will be launching the Recolor vector feature with future updates as they are already working on several new AI models for various use-case scenarios. This includes adding inpainting, personalized results, text-to-vector, extending images, 3D to images, text-to-pattern, text-to-brush, sketch to images, and text-to-template.

What makes it different from other AI art generative tools is that it allows you to create a custom brush, vector, and texture, which allows you to be picky about the selection. On top of this, there is a new context-aware feature that will allow you to fill your artwork into it. To make things more interesting, there’s a new video editing feature that allows you to create an AI-generative video with the description in a natural language like the mood or atmosphere.

You also have different variations of the same artwork with a single click, and Adobe will start integrating this feature into their services. Here, Adobe is going to use the Adobe Stock Library dataset, which is licensed work and available in the public domain. So there is less infringement, and the FireFly model will not be trained on Creative Cloud subscribers’ content to protect their artwork.

How to Sign in with Adobe Creative AI Tool FireFly:

As we have already mentioned, FireFly is currently in beta, and in the future, it will be available across Adobe products like Photoshop, Premier Pro, Illustrator, and more.

  • To sign in, visit and click on the “Request access” button located in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  •  Next, fill out the form with the details it requires.
  •  After typing your details, click on “Submit.” Once you are selected for the Adobe FireFly beta, an invitation will be sent to you.
  •  That’s it! This is how you can sign in to Adobe FireFly beta.

What’s in Adobe FireFly – Generative AI:

If you haven’t heard about Generative AI, it’s an Artificial Intelligence that can understand natural language and translate it into AI-generated images and art. Some of the best-case scenarios include the ability to remove noise from images and the ability to create 3D videos with images. Some of the top features include:

How to get started with Adobe Creative AI Model, Firefly
  • Inpainting
  •  Outpainting
  •  Image to vector
  •  Sketch to images
  •  3D to image
  •  Text to pattern and many more.

Adobe has developed its engine for AI generative content called Adobe Sensei, which has been trained on Adobe Stock, along with openly licensed content and public domain content. It will likely be integrated across Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express. Additionally, the company has plans to open its APIs to enable integration of Adobe work to make more automation.

First things first, FireFly is going to make creative images more powerful and fast, especially with the raw idea. Adobe is also working on making a 3D composition for its users, which will allow them to create new styles and variations with a few simple clicks. As Adobe is one of the most popular choices for video and image editing, it is committed to developing AI tools to help instead of replacing artists with responsive AI.

Unlike DALL-E and the Mid-Journey, you don’t need to describe a complete scenario; FireFly can easily adapt the style, lighting, and aspect ratio with built-in options for art details. It also doesn’t train AI based on your AI-generated content; instead, it’s continuously trained on its primary dataset.