Whenever we consider the most powerful version of Minecraft, the only name that comes ahead is
Minecraft Java Edition. In which players can upgrade or customize the game as per their needs and
feasibility. Due to this, It is a favorable edition for players. Alongside, the benefits Minecraft Java
Edition have some error that makes the game frustrating.

Among them, Java Native Interface (JNI) error is the most common and highest raising error in the
Minecraft Java Edition. For such a concern, we have studied the issue and found some valuable fixes
that can surely solve the JNI Error. So, here we will discuss all those favourable fixes.

How to fix Minecraft Java Edition’s JNI Error

With the help of associative things, we have evaluated the major causes behind the JNI error. Luckily
those causes are common that can be done with usual activities. These causes include an Outdated Java
version, and Incompatible Java library and a corrupted Java path. So, keep in mind all of these causes.
Below is some fix that surely resolves the JNI error.

Update Your Java version

The Minecraft’s JNI error could be solved by updating the Java version to the latest one. Because an
outdated version cannot do anything except malfunction. So for doing that you can check out the below
steps for better ease.

  1. Simply, Visit Oracle website and locate Your system OS.
  2. Then, Java Installer file and download.
  3. Next, Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen installation instructions.
  4. Now, Click on the close button.
  5. That’s it, You are done with this fix.

Reset Java Path

This fix is considered the final solution to solve the Minecraft JNI error. As it deletes all the corrupted
files. So, To apply this fix you can follow the below-mentioned steps and check whether the issue is fixed
or not.

  1. First, Press the windows plus R keys on your keyboard.
  2. Type system.cpl in the search field and press OK.
  3. Now, Go to the Advanced tab and click on the environment variables option.
  4. Under system variables, select the path button and click on the edit button.
  5. Next, Click on the delete button to clear the corrupted files.
  6. After that, restart your PC.
  7. That’s it, Your Java Path has resetted.

Moreover, You can also take care to install that particular version of Java libraries that is compatible
with your device. Even that, if the issue again occurs then we recommend you to contact official
Minecraft support. Alongside, if any user has queries with the given steps then feel free to ask them in
the comment section