Several newcomers and returning players are boarding the Normandy for an experience like none other since the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available (to stunning reviews, no less). The Legendary Edition has just received a new update that makes the experience even smoother. It’s a small update, nothing major, but does deal with trophy and achievement issues, launcher glitches, and some other odds and ends to make the trilogy more optimized. Today we are Guide “How to Fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Update Launcher Crashes and Xbox Series X Glitch”

Fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Update Launcher Crashes

The new update fixes launcher crashes that prevented Xbox Series X players from using their wireless headset from launching their games. “This can still happen if you enable or disable a headset in the

launcher. A future patch will address this issue.” Iris shaders are also offered in this patch in addition to “minor calibrations, fixes, and stability improvements.”

1.Mass Effect

The terrain texture in the first game has been improved. It also fixes the issue that kills weren’t being tracked properly for achievements and trophies, in addition to fixing the character code in the Squad Menu and smoother pre-rendered cutscenes.

2: Mass Effect

In addition to the aforementioned improvements found in Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2 features improvements to the lighting and VFX of cinematics, as well as text issues regarding achievements.

3: Mass Effect

The final game of the trilogy was largely bug-free, but BioWare did fix a problem with the achievement and trophy tracking for kills.

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