Minecraft is a massively popular sandbox video game that lets you build structures! You will love Minecraft if you enjoyed building blocks as a kid. In addition, Minecraft also has its share of notorious errors. I’ve seen a lot of players complaining about this.

Minecraft Glowstone error

There is an interesting fact about Minecraft errors: They are named after elements found in the game. One of these elements is glowstone. Light emitting blocks are called glowstones. A glowstone can be mined to generate glowstone dust, which is an ingredient and can be retrieved as a block to create other materials.

Therefore, you are experiencing the common Glowstone error. An error like this indicates that none of your other services could authenticate your account. Moreover, this error can be accompanied by other errors such as the Creeper. The Glowstone error has also plagued several Minecraft players.


was reported that one Reddit user had just purchased the game and tried logging in, but was met with the Glowstone error message. As a result, the complete error message appeared as follows.

Fix Login failed

Your Microsoft account could not be accessed. During the lockout, you will have limited access to Realms, Profiles, and your Marketplace items. It may take a while for the request to be processed.

Fix Glowstone error

For troubleshooting this specific error, you should first make sure that the Xbox Companion App is installed on your PC and your Microsoft account is signed in. After this, try relaunching the game to see if it resolves the issue. If you’re playing on an Android, iOS, or Xbox device, follow this troubleshooting step. Additionally, make sure you are using the correct Microsoft account to log in.

In that case, please try these general troubleshooting techniques.

General Troubleshooting

  1. First, make sure your internet connection is working. It is important to have a strong and stable connection. Consider contacting your Internet Service Provider if the problem is related to the internet.
  2. After that, sign out of all Minecraft accounts (including any Microsoft accounts attached). Close all open Minecraft applications. Start the game again. Once you’ve signed into Microsoft and Minecraft, sign back in.
  3. Lastly, retry the procedure if the problem still persists. If the error persists after one hour, repeat the steps.

What you can do if you are using Minecraft Bedrock or the Minecraft Pocket Edition, and you receive the Glowstone error.

  1. You should leave any beta program you are currently participating in.
  2. Open Minecraft without updating.
  3. You must log in to play.

That’s all there is to it. There should no longer be an error with Glowstone. It is our hope that the above solutions helped you resolve the Glowstone error.