There are several steps involved in flashing and installing custom ROMs on Android devices. In order to complete all these processes, you need to root your Android phone and install TWRP recovery and ADB tools. When you install an OS via Fastboot, the TWRP recovery lets you use the factory image of the OS factory image file. An unlocked bootloader is also required for sideloading an OTA package. In this Guide “fix Android 12 decryption TWRP issue”

The smartphone market has already seen Android 13, but most OEMs are still focused on Android 12. In addition to sideloading Android 12 using TWRP Recovery and ADB, you can flash the full factory image via Fastboot to root your Android 12 device.

You can sideload the stable build from Recovery using ADB by sideloading the appropriate OTA package. In order to sideload image files, script files are typically included in the download file on the image file, but this also wipes out the entire device. Recent TWRP updates have caused the Android 12 decryption issue to be experienced by many users. As we will see in this article, there are several ways to resolve this issue.  As part of the downloaded file, a or flash-all.bat script file is usually included. However, its default configuration also wipes the device entirely. If you delete the “-w” wipe attribute from the command, you will be able to keep the data.

How to fix the Android 12 decryption TWRP issue?

Users are experiencing problems rooting their Android devices or installing any image files due to the Android 12 decryption TWRP issue. Please click on the links below to download two script files that will fix this problem.

There are two zip files required to fix this: encryption disabler and You will be able to fix the Android 12 decryption TWRP issue if you sideload these two zip files on your Android device.

Links to download: