WhatsApp payment has officially arrived in India and rollout across the country. In India, it comes with an India’s based UPI integration. Not to mention, WhatsApp has one of the largest user-based in India, and with the integration of UPI, it seems to be quite useful.

As we have seen a lot of people have been searching on the web “WhatsApp UPI payment क्या है और इसे use कैसे करे?.” Today, We are going to share a bit of knowledge to help you with setup Whatsapp Pay on your device.


  • It was slowing currently rolling-out. If this isn’t shown on your device, wait for some time.
  • It is advised you shouldn’t share your bank details, either your UPI Pin, with anyone.


What is Whatsapp Pay

This is an additional service, where it allows you to pay or receive money through WhatsApp. It is quite identical to Google Pay, Phone Pay and BHIM. It’s not like Paytm; instead, it is better as Whatsapp Pay is based upon UPI (Unified payments interface), Which been possible with a partnership with NCPI (National Payment Corporation of India).

Send Payments in India with WhatsApp

This means you don’t have to create a separated account, and it works on your existing UPI. Talking about UPI, It is a service that gathers all the bank in a single platform called UPI, allowing sending or receiving money directly to your bank.

How does Whatsapp payment work?

Whatsapp utilizing the peer to peer digital transaction using its messengering platform, Where it allows to send or receive money with their contact using UPI ID or QR Code.

How do I enable WhatsApp payments’ UPI on Android & iOS?

It is quite easy to Setup Whatsapp Pay. Follow the following instruction mention down below.

  • Open Whatsapp and head over to settings.
    The setting is placed on the three-dot menu, placed on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Payment and then click on Add Payment Method.
  • Click on Accept and Continue.
  • Choose Bank and then verify via SMS.
  • That’s it, Click Done.

It takes a couple of seconds to complete the verification process, Not to mention you can only verify using your number, which registers with your bank account.

How to use WhatsApp payment

You can use Whatsapp payment to send and receive money with your contacts. Therefore, Whatsapp also allows sending money which isn’t registered with Whatsapp Pay.

How to get payment in WhatsApp

If you are using WhatsApp pay, then you can use your UPI ID. You can find your Whatsapp UPI id on your Payment option in Payment setting option.

  • Open Whatsapp and then head over to settings.
  • After that, Click on payment.
  • Inside your profile, you can see your Whatsapp UPI ID following yourname@WAbankname
  • or You can tap on QR code to get your ID QR code, Which can also be used for receiving payment.
  • That’s it.

Use your UPI ID or QR code to receive an amount from the sender. However, if you both are using Whatsapp Pay, then you can send money within the account.

How to send money to UPI ID on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can you transfer money through WhatsApp to another UPI. Check the following guide.

How do I transfer money from one account to another UPI?

  • Open Whatsapp and then click on the three-dot menu.
  • After that, click on the payment and tap on New Payment.
  • Click on New Payment and enter recipient UPI ID or Scan QR code.
  • Choose, Verify and tap on New Payment to confirm receipt.
  • Please enter the amount and confirm it.
  • Now, Enter your Pinto verify,
  • That’s it.

How to make payment for WhatsApp

  • Open Whatsapp and tap on the attachment icon.
  • Click on Payment and enter the amount.
  • After that, Click enter and enter your UPI Pin.
  • That’s it, and Your payment is complete.

How to activate WhatsApp payment without an invite

This feature is slowly rolling out, and it just a matter of time from which you will get your payment option. However, if you really want, you can ask your friend to send you to invite for Whatsapp Payment. Likely, If you have WhatsApp pay, you can send a request with your WhatsApp contact who are not registered with WhatsApp payment.

  • Open Whatsapp and head over to the contact.
  • After that, Tap on attachments and then click on Payment.
  • Now, Tap on notify.

Once your contact receives this feature, you will receive the notification, and this is how you can send the invite to your friend.


How to get WhatsApp payment

It was currently rolling out. It might take time to show up on your device.

Hopefully, this help with your Query and have potentially helps you. Thanks for being with us, We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.