Windows 10 beta testers will also see some quality-of-life improvements. Microsoft recently introduced a new version of the Eco mode to improve battery life and reduce CPU thermal throttling. So, let’s find out how to enable Eco mode in Windows 10 without any delay. So if your computer has been lagging or slowing down recently, this feature will definitely help you. Today, we Are going to Share a little bit of knowledge about “How to Enable Eco Mode for Apps on Windows 10”. So, Follow all steps mention in the articles.

What is Eco Mode on Windows 10

A feature of Windows 10 called Eco Mode aims to improve battery life and thermal performance, primarily for laptops. It restricts the background activity of any app or process that makes significant demands on resources. Occasionally the computer goes rogue as you read an article online with only one tab open, causing the fans to spin at maximum speed. This is primarily due to the fact that other apps are eating up system resources when they are not particularly needed to do so at that time.


explains that it does this by reducing a task’s priority for the purpose of reducing stress on the CPU under a new framework known as EcoQoS. At present, the framework is limited to the CPU and will not enhance battery efficiency or reduce fan noise. With this being said, it is a step towards greater responsiveness of active tasks and better thermal efficiency.

How to Enable or Disable Eco Mode for Apps on Windows 10

It should be noted that Eco mode is only available for Windows Insiders who have built 21364 or higher, and in the coming months, it will be available to stable users.

  1. First open the Task Manager by clicking on the right side of the Taskbar, with the shortcut ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’.
  2. Now, If you want enabled Eco mode for any app, you can right-click on App to enable or disable it.
  3. The next step is to enable the Eco Mode by clicking the ‘Turn on Eco Mode‘ button in the pop-up window.

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