Last month, Microsoft announced an insider build for Windows 11. This build is dedicated to developers for testing purposes. But, apart from bug fixes, the build got some new features. Specifically, now windows 11 build 25211, users can customize widgets settings that were previously unavailable.

If you remember, As a Windows preview build user, you can prevent Widgets from opening on hover and disable notifications. But you know these features are rolling gradually; some limited users can access them. Following this, Other users are craving to use that Widget Setting feature. So, here will let you know about the same.

How to enable all new widget settings in Windows 11 build 25211

The Windows 11 build 25211 is rolling under the developer’s preview. It means the build is in the testing phase. And, Until its official release, we cannot use it as any standard settings. Instead, we can use the ViveTool app that helps force enable the new widget settings. Along with this feature, you can enable other hidden features of the same build.

However, The tool is dedicated to working only on Windows 11 build 2511 or newer. So make sure that your Pc must lie in the such bracket. Also note that here we are taking a risk with OS, for which we recommend you take a backup of your important files. You are also ready to use ViveTool to enable new widget settings. 

  • Simply download the ViveTool app from GitHub.
  • Next, Extract the downloaded file.
  • Then, double-click the Start menu and choose Terminal (Admin).
  • After that, click the down arrow button on the tab strip and choose the command prompt.
  • Using the CD command, navigate to the folder containing ViveTool files.
  • Now, Type vivetool /enable /id:38652916 and press enter.
  • Lastly, Restart your Pc, and Shortly new widget settings will enable.

Once you are done with the above instructions, you are ready to customize all of your Windows 11 widgets using these dedicated settings. However, You might have a few bugs because Microsoft has yet to release this new feature publicly. But, Till the public release, you can use it and give feedback accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How do I get Windows 11 Insider preview builds?

Ans.Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program on your device. Set it to the Dev Channel and check for updates to update for the latest builds.

Q2.What is the build for Windows 11?

Ans.Version 21H2 (original release) (OS build 22000)

Q3.Is the Windows 11 Dev channel stable?

Ans. No, the Windows 11 preview builds in the Dev Channel don’t match the official and stable Windows 11 builds anymore.

Q4.Which is better, Windows 11 Beta or Dev?

Ans. Beta channel builds are more stable than Dev builds.